Holiday Kombucha is a Thing, and Aldi is Selling It – Holiday Cheers!

Holiday kombucha flavors including peppermint candy, cranberry cinnamon and more are in Aldi stores now!

It’s almost December, and that means it’s the glorious time of year for lovers of holiday cheer: that time when everything pumpkin turns into everything peppermint.

Time for peppermint kombucha

A relatively new addition to food products that introduce holiday flavors is kombucha. If you are a lover of this fermented, probiotic drink, you’ll want to check them out this season.

Holiday Kombucha

So far, we have seen three holiday kombucha flavors at Aldi. Let’s take a look-see, shall we?

Holiday kombucha

This VitaLife Organic Kombucha is Aldi’s house brand. It’s our understanding that some stores carry it year-round, but it only shows up from time to time at our Aldi. Right now, we have two seasonal flavors in stock.

There is Peppermint Candy flavored kombucha, and there is also a Cranberry Cinnamon kombucha available now in the VitaLife brand. We also love the festive labeling that certainly brings holiday cheer to these bottles!

The third seasonal kombucha flavor at Aldi right now is the Health Ade Kombucha Holiday Cheers. Aldi carries Health Ade brand kombuchas as Aldi Finds on a regular basis.

Holiday Cheer Kombucha

Health Ade Kombucha Holiday Cheers includes flavors of ginger, cloves, allspice and chocolate.

We have not tried these holiday flavors of kombucha being sold at Aldi yet, but we are excited to! Since many kombucha flavors include ginger, we are thinking the Holiday Cheers flavor may be the closest to what we are used to.

The biggest outlier may be the peppermint candy flavor. We’ll be reviewing these soon.

What is Kombucha?

So what exactly is kombucha?

The short answer is that this drink is fermented tea. It is slightly bubbly, and it contains because it is fermented, it contains trace amounts of alcohol.

As Jimmy Fallon famously said, it’s the only tea that sounds like when Batman punches someone.


Kombucha is made by adding yeast and bacteria to tea, sugar and other flavorings. That’s what creates the fermentation action. If you’re thinking this does NOT sound delicious, a lot of people would agree with you.

This fermented tea has a very tangy, tart taste. The taste is usually decribed as being fruity but slightly vinegar-y. We would tell you it is an acquired taste, for sure.

So why in the world does anyone drink this stuff?

holiday cheer kombucha

Kombucha Health Benefits

There is a body of research that suggests that holiday kombucha flavors and kombucha in general has some potential health benefits.

Because of the bacteria used in the fermentation process, kombucha is packed with live probiotics. These “good” bacteria are known for promoting a healthy immune system and healthy gut. In addition, it has been suggested that probiotics can help with preventing bloating and lowering cholesterol.

These probiotics are why we first tried kombucha, and why we “learned to like it.” And we really do like it now! It’s good, we promise!

Kombucha also contains a significant amount of B vitamins.

But you said it has alcohol?

All fermented beverages have some alcohol in them — that’s basically why people started fermenting things on purpose! However, the kombuchas you will find sold at Aldi and other supermarkets contain just a trace amount — less than half a percent. You’re not going to get drunk from kombucha, or even know the alcohol is there.

This means you will find kombucha sold in all Aldi stores, not just the Aldi stores that sell alcohol.

Fun fact: You can find “boozy kombuchas” in some places that contain as much alcohol as beer. Some bars even have it on tap.

Do you love kombucha? Which holiday kombucha will you try first?

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