Your Complete Guide To Walmart ATMs

ATMs Available At Walmart

The majority of ATMs available at Walmart are owned and operated by Walmart Money Center. These ATMs are known as Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATMs and can be found at nearly every Walmart location throughout the US.

In the past, Walmart also hosted fee-free MoneyPass ATMs at their stores, which were independently operated by a company called Fiserv. However, MoneyPass and Walmart are no longer in partnership as of January 2023.

About 200 Walmart locations nationwide are also home to Coinme’s Bitcoin ATM service. Coinme is a service available on Coinstar machines. However, not all Coinstar machines are equipped to function as cryptocurrency ATMs.

Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATMs are by far the most common type of ATM at Walmart. These ATMs enable customers to withdraw cash, make credit card payments, withdraw from a Walmart MoneyCard, and much more.

Walmart ATMs are typically located near the front of the store near the exits.
Walmart Money Center ATM

How To Use A Walmart ATM

Here, we will go over how to use a Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATM.

For information on how to use Coinstar’s Coinme service, click here.

To use a Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATM, follow these steps:

  1. Head to any Walmart location and find the ATM near the front of the store
  2. Quickly examine the ATM to make sure it does not look like it has been tampered with or damaged in any way (if you find anything suspicious, report it to a Walmart employee)
  3. From the options listed on the ATM screen, select which service you want to use using the tip of your finger
  4. Using your debit card, bank card, or Walmart MoneyCard, insert the card into the designated slot on the machine and follow the prompts that appear on the screen
  5. Continue following the prompts until your service has been completed
  6. Before you walk away, make sure that you have your card as well as your cash if you withdrew any
  7. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the machine has returned to the home screen before you walk away so that no one else can access your account after you leave

Withdrawal Limits

For Walmart MoneyCard holders, Walmart enforces a $500 withdrawal limit per day when using an ATM. If you need to withdraw more than this, simply visit a register or the Walmart Money Center counter.

If you are using a regular debit card, Walmart does not specify a withdrawal limit. However, it’s reasonable to assume that Walmart’s ATMs may limit your withdrawal to $500 regardless of what kind of card you use.

Fees & Charges

Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATMs are free to use in most cases. They do not charge withdrawal fees for regular debit or bank card holders.

However, if you are withdrawing money from your Walmart MoneyCard, you will be charged a $2.50 fee per withdrawal.

Are Walmart ATMs Safe?

Walmart ATMs can be considered just as safe as any other major ATM service. 

However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t take caution when using any ATM.

ATMs, especially those that require the insertion of a physical card, have become more vulnerable in recent years with the advent of “skimmers,” electronic devices designed to capture debit card information. Skimmers are secretly installed into ATMs and can go undetected for extended periods of time.

In 2016, police in Hanover, Maryland, reported that a skimmer had been found attached to an ATM at a Walmart location. reports that 2022 saw over 700% of growth in skimming rates.

So, while Walmart ATMs are just as “safe” as other ATMs, none should be considered entirely safe.

To learn how to spot a skimmer on an ATM, check out this helpful article from Forbes.


Can you deposit cash or checks at a Walmart ATM?

No. Walmart ATMs are only equipped to facilitate cash withdrawal. If you would like to deposit money into your bank account, visit the Walmart Money Center counter and speak to an associate directly.

Does Walmart have touchless ATMs?

No. All Walmart ATMs require manual operation.

Does Walmart have cardless ATMs?

No. All Walmart ATMs require the use of a debit or bank card.

Is there a Bitcoin ATM at Walmart?

Yes. The Coinstar machines at select Walmart locations are equipped to operate as Coinme ATMs (also known as Bitcoin ATMs). Learn more about Walmart’s Bitcoin ATMs here.

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