How To Get Free Shipping At Walmart?

The easiest way to get free shipping from is to spend at least $35 per order. On most items and orders, shoppers who spend at least $35 on will qualify for free shipping. This includes same-day and NextDay shipping, but excludes express delivery.

But keep in mind that not all items qualify for free shipping at Walmart, even if you meet the order minimum. Oversized items, freight items, and Walmart Marketplace items are among the most common items to be exempt from free shipping.

If you’re having trouble getting free shipping for your order, make sure that each item is marked as “shipped by Walmart.”

But wait! It doesn’t stop there…

There are a ton of different ways to get free shipping from Walmart this holiday season. Keep reading to find out what all your options are.

free shipping options with walmart

Become A Walmart+ Member

The best way to guarantee yourself free shipping from Walmart on every single qualifying order is to sign up for Walmart’s membership program Walmart+ (pronounced “Walmart Plus”).

Walmart+ members receive free shipping on most items sold on, with the exception of Walmart Marketplace items, oversized items, and freight items. And the best part is that there is no minimum order requirement to receive free shipping as a Walmart member.

The only exception to this is if you are requesting express delivery or same-day grocery delivery from your local Walmart location, which always carries a $35 order requirement regardless of membership status.

For a look at all of the Walmart+ FAQs, click here, and for a free 30-day trial of Walmart+, click here.

Purchase Over $35 Worth Of Eligible Items

As discussed above, the easiest way to get free shipping when shipping on is to make sure your order adds up to at least $35 before taxes and fees. Even if you’re not a Walmart+ member, you can receive free shipping any time you shop on by spending at least $35 per order.

Just keep in mind that not all items qualify for free shipping even if you meet the minimum order requirement. So, if you’re still seeing shipping fees at checkout, check to see if any of the items in your cart are oversized or sold by a Walmart Marketplace dealer.

Collect Orders In-Store

Another great way to avoid shipping and delivery fees is to take advantage of Walmart’s in-store pickup option. By collecting your order at a Walmart location, you’ll only have to pay for the price of the item plus any relevant taxes, and you can avoid paying any pesky shipping fees.

Choose Free Curbside Pickup

Similar to in-store pickup, curbside pickup also saves you from having to pay delivery fees when shopping on Just keep in mind that not all items are available for curbside pickup, so you’ll be a bit more limited in what you can purchase this way.

And while we’re at it, we’ll also remind you that any time you shop in person at Walmart (or any other brick-and-mortar retailer), you can avoid shipping and delivery fees altogether by simply shopping in person. Call us old fashioned!

Utilize Fedex Office Pickup

Starting in 2019, Walmart teamed up with FedEx to offer shoppers even more ways to get free shipping.

Using this method, you can choose one of many FedEx pickup locations for your Walmart order to be shipped to at no extra charge. Do this to avoid paying shipping fees on your next Walmart order.

Free Shipping Promo Codes

If you get lucky, you can sometimes find promo codes online to receive free shipping from and other popular online retailers.

Websites like,, and more offer promo codes for popular retailers like Walmart. And sometimes, these promo codes can get you free shipping.

Just keep in mind that you sometimes have to pay to receive these codes, so you might save more money by using one of the other methods listed above.

Free Shipping During Clearance Sales And Holiday Promos

In the past, Walmart was known for offering free shipping around the holidays. But unfortunately, that trend seems to have waned now that there are so many other ways to get free shipping from this retail giant.

Instead of waiting around for a free shipping promotion, you’re better off taking advantage of one of the other methods on this list.

What Are Walmart’s Delivery Options?

Now that we’ve gone over all the different ways you can avail free shipping from Walmart, let’s look at the different delivery options they offer. offers the following shipping options:

  • Express Delivery (two hours or less)
  • Same-day Delivery
  • NextDay Delivery
  • TwoDay Delivery
  • Standard Delivery

All of these shipping methods qualify for free shipping via the methods listed above except for express delivery.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently ship outside of the US.


Do Sam’s Club Plus members get free shipping at Walmart?

This is unclear. While one online source ( has claimed that Walmart grants free shipping to Sam’s Club members, we have not been able to verify this information elsewhere.

Is there a minimum order to get free shipping at Walmart?

Yes, for non-members. If you are a regular Walmart shopper (not a member), then you must spend at least $35 to receive free shipping. However, if you pay for a Walmart+ membership, then you can receive free shipping on most items with no minimum order requirement. However, if you are using Walmart’s same-day grocery delivery service, then you will need to spend at least $35 regardless of your membership status.

Do Walmart Plus members get free delivery at Sam’s Club?

No. To receive free shipping from Sam’s Club, you must purchase a Sam’s Club membership.

Do you need to pay for return shipping?

No. When you return something to Walmart, you will be provided with a prepaid return shipping label.


Taking advantage of free shipping from Walmart is as easy as spending at least $35 per order or becoming a Walmart+ member. Either way, you can feel guaranteed that you’ll pay as little in shipping charges as possible any time you shop on

Keep in mind that there are other ways to get free shipping from Walmart as well, like taking advantage of in-store pickup and curbside pickup. Unfortunately, oversized items, freight items, and items that are not “shipped by Walmart” do not qualify for free shipping.

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