When Does Aldi Restock? (+ Best Shopping Days/Times)

Customers love Aldi because it offers select items at lower prices than other retail outlets. Many people flock into these stores to grab groceries and pantry items at competitive prices.

Aldi’s policy of selling limited-time, specialty items makes customers wonder when they restock.

This article will break down Aldi’s restock policy and help you know the best times to visit a store near you for fresh produce and limited-time items.

How Often Does Aldi Restock Their Shelves?

Aldi stores restock daily for fresh produce but more importantly on Wednesday for their highly-anticipated Aldi Finds deals.

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Does Aldi Restock Weekly?

Aldi restocks items under the Aldi Finds collection weekly. This is a line of specialty items only available for specific time limits or as long as stocks last. They are sold in exciting deals; a reason customers look out for them. Sometimes, the deals are so compelling that they sell out in a few hours.

Items under the Aldi Finds collection are restocked on Wednesday mornings. This is the best time to visit a store near you if you wish to buy things under this collection.

The aisle of shame is a term that describes the middle aisle in Aldi stores which holds the Aldi Finds items. Customers call it this way because of the compelling nature of these items that often makes them buy things they do not need. As such, the shame comes in when a customer comes across a deal that is too good, and they eventually buy even if they did not need that item.

Does Aldi Restock Daily?

Aldi restocks fresh produce daily. Fresh produce consists of fruits and vegetables, and organic options are also available.

Daily restocking assures customers that they will always get fresh groceries when they shop at Aldi.

Aldi restocks before the stores open, and every morning, customers will get fresh produce.

When Does Aldi Restock Online?

Aldi has partnered with Instacart to help customers buy items online. It continually updates stocks online, but it is not perfect.

Understand that stores have different inventory depending on their location. The traffic received by these stores makes it hard for them to keep an accurate inventory online.

Aldi recommends that the best way to find out if a store has an item is to visit it. This particularly applies to Aldi Finds items that move so fast. The online portal will notify you when a sale goes up, or upcoming Aldi Finds, but the actual stock updates are not very accurate online.

What is the Best Time and Day To Shop at Aldi?

The definition of “best” varies as some might be looking for times when stores are least crowded. However, we will assume that the best time and day are those you are sure of getting the best deals and collection of items at Aldi.

Wednesday in the morning has to be the best day and time to shop at Aldi since they launch the Aldi Finds sale at this time. This is the day you will find a collection of new and fresh items on shelves and get an opportunity to grab them before they sell out.

Alternatively, you can try visiting the store at 3 p.m. Workers at Aldi change shifts at 3 p.m and restock the depleted items on shelves. If you did not find what you are looking for in the morning hours, ask if it will be available once the 3 p.m restock is done.

The worst days to shop at Aldi are the weekends and post-work hours. Here, everyone who works a regular job uses this time to visit the stores and you will always find them crowded.

Other Aldi Shopping Secrets You Should Know About

A few clever tips to get the best deals when shopping at Aldi include:

  • Always pick the circular on the way in or check the website for hot deals for the week
  • To get more value, select items under Aldi’s private brand, and you can save up to 50% compared to similar items sold in other stores
  • Sign up for the weekly newsletter to stay on top of upcoming special buys and any deals
  • Notice any red stickers in the store as they signify any big discounts that could go up to 75%
  • Avoid weekends and peak hours when stores are crowded to enjoy the peace as you hunt for bargains
  • Stock up on your favorite items as Aldi rotates its selection, and you are not guaranteed of finding it next week

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Aldi restock ALDI Finds after they are sold out?

No. Aldi Finds items are available for a limited time or while stocks last and are not restocked once they sell out. Try and get to a store near you in good time to score some of the fantastic deals under the Aldi Finds collection.

What happens to unsold Aldi special buys?

These items are sent to other stores, where they stay until they sell out. Different stores have varying trends, and Aldi knows where each item is more likely to sell.

How do you know if Aldi has everyday products in stock?

Check online on the Aldi page or the Aldi App, available on Android and iOS devices. However, the best way is to visit the local store near you since stock levels vary in the 2,000 stores across the U.S.

Does Aldi let you reserve items?

Aldi does not reserve items, especially for the specialty deals like Aldi Finds. If you are not close to a store, buy things online using Instacart. However, you will have to get there on Wednesday like any other Aldi customer and try your luck with the restocked Finds items.

Why are some ALDI Finds limited to one per person?

Aldi’s policy is not to limit Aldi Finds purchases to one per person. Still, when demand is through the roof, individual stores can limit quantities to ensure fairness to all customers.

Does ALDI offer rain checks when specials run out?

No. Aldi does not offer rain checks since the items are available for a limited time or until stocks are depleted.


Aldi is a popular discount store, and like any other, customers have to understand their schedules to get the best deals. Aldi restocks on Wednesday, which is when you stand a chance of getting the best deals.

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