What Is Costco’s TV Return Policy?

There are many reasons why you might end up needing to return the TV you bought at Costco. Maybe it doesn’t work properly or maybe it just doesn’t suit your needs. Whatever your reason is, keep reading to find out all about Costco’s TV return policy for 2022.

Costco Return TV
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As most Costco shoppers know, Costco has a risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy, meaning that if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase for any reason, you are more than welcome to return it for a full refund. However, this policy is slightly limited when it comes to electronics such as televisions.

When returning a TV to Costco, it must be returned within 90 days of purchase (or from the date when you received the item if it was purchased online). This applies to returns on all electronics.

What Is The TV Return Policy Without Receipts?

According to Costco’s return policy, a receipt is not necessary for a return.

Can You Return A TV To Costco After 90 Days?

Unfortunately, Costco’s return policy limits returns on electronics to 90 days. After this window has passed, you will not be able to return your TV to Costco. However, enforcement of certain policies may vary from store to store, so it’s always worth attempting to return an item that doesn’t fit your needs, even if there’s a chance the return won’t be accepted.

If you need to return your TV after the standard return window has passed because of a product defect or malfunction, your options will be determined by your warranty. All televisions sold at Costco come with an automatic 2-year warranty that covers all repairs and replacements if needed. This means that after 90 days and before 2 years of owning your TV, you will be eligible for necessary repairs or replacements through Costco. If you purchased an extended warranty, such as an Allstate Protection Plan through Costco, then your options will be determined by the terms of your warranty. Damaged items may be eligible for return or replacement for up to 3 additional years with an Allstate Protection Plan.

What Do You Need To Return A TV To Costco?

For straightforward returns within the allotted return window (90 days), all you will need to return your item is the item itself. While Costco states that it is helpful if you can provide the receipt and/or original packaging, these components are not necessary to process a return.

Within the 90-day return window, TVs can be returned in any condition. Even if your item is damaged, Costco will accept returns on any electronic item within 90 days.

How Does The Costco TV Warranty Work?

All televisions purchased at Costco come with a minimum 2-year warranty through Costco’s Television Warranty. Customers can purchase additional warranty coverage through Costco’s Allstate Protection Plans, which can maximize warranty protection for up to 5 years. Within your warranty period, you are eligible for repair or replacement of your item, but you will not be eligible for returns after the 90-day return window has passed.

How To Return A TV To Costco

There are a few different ways to return items to Costco, and it all depends on how you purchased your item originally. Below, we will walk you through the refund process whether you would like to return your TV in person or online.

If you purchased your items at a Costco Warehouse location…

  • Bring your TV to any Costco Warehouse location
  • If you have your original receipt and the product’s packaging, bring both of these as well (optional)
  • Bring all parts of your item that were contained within the original packaging, including manuals and original accessories
  • Bring your item to the returns counter and let them know that you would like a refund
  • The employee at the returns counter will walk you through the rest of the process

You will not be able to return your items via the self-checkout counters. For more information about how to return items to Costco Warehouse, click here.

If you purchased your items at Costco.com…

If you made your original purchase through Costco.com and would like to complete your return online, follow these steps…

  • Log in to your Costco.com account
  • Select “Orders & Returns”
  • Click the “Return Items” button next to the order you would like to return and follow the prompts
  • The prompts will walk you through the process of printing your return label, assembling your return package, and returning your item by mail

For more information about returning items online, including a full list of items that cannot be returned online, click here.

What Does Costco Do With The Returns?

For items that are returned undamaged and unused, Costco returns these items to the floor at a discounted price. However, if items are returned damaged or noticeably used, they are sent to liquidation auctions for resale by discount retailers.


Can you return a TV to Costco after 2 years?

No. Costco only accepts returns on electronics for up to 90 days. After that period has passed, you are eligible for repairs and replacements for up to 2 years with the basic Costco Television Warranty.

Do you need a box to return a TV to Costco?

No. Costco does not require original packaging for returns.

Does Costco have a lifetime return policy?

Only for some items. Costco offers a generous, 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy on most of their merchandise; however, on items such as electronics, returns are limited to 90 days.

Does Costco refund in cash?

Yes. Costco will refund your purchase to your original payment method. If you paid in cash, then you will be refunded in cash.

Will Costco fix your TV?

Yes. All televisions sold by Costco come with a 2-year basic warranty that covers repairs and replacements if a repair is not possible. Costco also sells additional warranties through Allstate that can extend your coverage for up to 3 years.


As always, Costco continues to offer a generous return policy, which extends to their electronic items, including TVs. Although it’s not as forgiving as their general return policy which welcomes returns at any time, Costco still offers its customers 90 days to return their electronic items with no questions asked.

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