What is Included In the Costco Auto program?

Costco is a membership-only retail warehouse that offers a wide selection of products, including groceries, apparel, electronics, and so on. If you are a Costco member and need to buy or lease a car, you may be wondering whether the retailer has an auto program to help you with the process. This post will explain how the Costco Auto Program works, its benefits, potential savings, and more.

Costco Auto Program

Costco’s auto program is a great way to save money on new and used cars. The program offers Costco members discounts on vehicles, from sedans to SUVs and trucks. The Costco Auto Program consists of a network of more than 3000 local dealerships carefully selected by Costco to honor the program’s price guarantee. The program is available in all US states and Puerto Rico.

Any Costco member can participate in the Costco auto program. You do not need to be a member of any other automotive programs to take advantage of this one. However, you must purchase your vehicle through one of the participating dealerships.

What is included in the Costco Auto program?

The Costco Auto Program offers members discounts on new and used vehicles and auto parts and services. Members enjoy a wide range of products and services for their vehicles, including:

  • New vehicle purchasing or leasing: Members can purchase or lease new vehicles through the program, which gives them access to special offers on new cars at authorized dealerships across the US. You’ll receive quotes from participating dealerships and can even schedule an appointment for a test drive if you like
  • Used vehicle purchases: Members can also purchase used cars through the Costco Auto Program. The program features a wide selection of used cars and trucks, including certified pre-owned vehicles. These vehicles are available at low prices, so you can save money on your next vehicle purchase
  • Auto parts & service: The program offers maintenance and repair services for your vehicle. You can also save money on auto parts by purchasing them through the Costco Auto Program’s participating centers. Costco members save up to 15% off parts and services and can save up to $500 per visit
  •  Recreational vehicles: you can also choose from various recreational vehicles (RVs) offered by participating dealers across the US
  •  Manufacturer’s incentives: In addition to the Costco member discounts on car purchases or leases, you can get other manufacturers’ perks, such as discounts on repair and accessories. There are also exclusive limited-time specials depending on your vehicle’s make
  •  Finance and Insurance: When you buy your car through the Costco auto program, you can save more by getting your vehicle insurance through Connect Insurance; offered by American Family Insurance. By using Connect, you’ll get discounts on your auto and home insurance, faster claims reporting time, no claim discounts, and repairs done at any licensed facility of your choice. You’ll also get credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and restoration services for affordable prices through Complete ID
  • Glass replacement and repair: Members under the Costco auto program get up to $25 off on glass repair and replacement through Safelite auto glass

How Does the Costco Auto Buying Program Work?

Costco’s auto buying program is a great way to get a good deal on a new car. The retailer offers Costco members a chance to buy various vehicle makes and models through participating dealers at pre-negotiated prices.

To use the program, you need to search for your preferred vehicle online among the list of eligible dealers. You can also buy used and certified pre-owned cars (CPO) using this program. There is no membership fee required to use the program, but customers must have a Costco membership to participate in this service. 

How to Sign Up for the Costco Auto Program

You can sign up for the Costco Auto Program by visiting costcoauto.com online or calling Costco at 1-800-755-2519. To sign up for the program online, follow these steps.

  • Visit the Costco Auto Program website
  • Enter your zip code and click on Learn more
  • Choose the type of car you want. You can browse by whether new or used, make or the type. When searching by make, you need to enter the manufacturer, year, and model and click on Get started. When searching by type, choose whether you want a sedan, wagon, truck, and so on
  •  Customize your chosen vehicle with any additional features that you may want, including color and trim and then click on Locate dealer
  •  Input your personal information such as your name, phone number, Costco membership type, membership number, and email address. Click on Locate dealer
  •  Go to the proposed dealer’s location to talk with the authorized contact handling the sale of your chosen vehicle. In case the dealer does not have the car available, they can order it from the manufacturer or source it from another dealer without any additional costs to you
  • The authorized contact will give you a members-only price sheet showing the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and your Costco member discount. If you don’t like your Costco member price given after the discount or have any dealership concerns, you can use Costco’s Member Advocacy Group, and they will address your concerns. Alternatively, you can always get the car from a different authorized dealer

What Dealers are Part of the Costco Auto Program?

The Costco Auto Program includes carefully selected dealerships that sell new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Dealers participate in the program based on their sales and service reputation and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Costco currently has more than 3000 vetted and eligible dealers across the US where you can purchase or lease a new or used car. You can get the location of your nearest approved dealer by entering your desired car and Costco membership information on the Costco Auto Program website.

How Much is the Costco Auto Program?

Costco members who purchase a vehicle through the Costco Auto Program receive a membership discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The prices offered through the program are already pre-negotiated between Costco and the dealers. So, you cannot negotiate or haggle for a much lower price.

The Costco Auto program also provides savings on parts and services. You can get up to 15% off on parts and $500 off on services in participating service centers. In addition, you can save money on auto insurance with Costco Auto Program through Connect Insurance Company, as they offer discounts for members who maintain good driving records. You can also get other manufacturers’ incentives and discounts on glass replacements.

How Much Do You Get to Save With the Costco Auto Program?

On average, Costco members save $1000 or more off the MSRP on their vehicle purchases when using the Costco Auto Program. The amount of savings also depends on the dealership and the make, model, and trim options you select for the vehicle.

Benefits of the Costco Auto Program

There are several benefits to buying a vehicle through the Costco Auto Program, including:

  • Low prices: the program gives you access to the lowest prices available from participating dealerships across the country, making it easy to find your dream car at a great price. You’ll also have access to low-interest rates, zero down payment, and extended warranties from some of the nation’s leading manufacturers
  • Saves you time: the program lets you choose your vehicle and locate a dealer online in simple steps without moving from one dealer to another to compare prices. You’ll also save time by having all your paperwork in one place and only having to make one payment
  • Trustworthy dealers: Costco chooses dealers who follow the same quality, safety, and customer service standards that you expect from them. So you can be assured of high-quality service
  • Extensive selection: you’ll find hundreds of makes and models available at any given time through the Costco Auto Program. You can even request a vehicle that isn’t currently available from one of their dealerships, and the dealer will outsource it for you
  • After-sales services: the program also provides after-sales services such as roadside assistance, free maintenance, and other discounts

Is the Costco Auto Program Worth it?

The Costco Auto Program is a membership benefit that provides various perks and discounts. You can get member-only prices on new and used vehicles and auto services, savings on tires and batteries, and the ability to save on home and motor insurance plans.

Costco members have been posting positive testimonials about their experience with the Costco Auto Program. Also, most of the Costco Auto Program reviews are positive, with many people saying they are happy with the simple and seamless process and that they would recommend it to other people. However, some feel that they can get better terms elsewhere.


Which is better – Sam’s Club or Costco Auto Program?

Sam’s Club and Costco offer similar auto programs. Both provide savings on vehicle prices, parts, and services. But you can save more using Sam’s Club auto program since its vehicle prices are much lower than the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP).

Can you lease with Costco Auto Program?

You can either lease or buy your vehicle through the Costco Auto Program. The program offers low monthly payments and flexible terms for leasing. You can hire a car for any period between 24-48 months.

Does the Costco Auto Program work with used cars?

The program provides special offers for used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles. You can search from several pre-owned vehicles online or locate a Certified Pre-owned (CPO) vehicle dealer for a vehicle of your choice.

Does the Costco Auto Program really save money?

The Costco auto program saves money on dealer discounts when buying cars at approved dealers. You also save up to 15% on parts and up to $500 on services at participating outlets.


Overall, the Costco Auto Program is a great program that can save you money on both new and used cars. You can choose from various vehicles offered online to get your vehicle at any of the more than 3000 participating dealers.

The programs also provide more savings on parts and services. You can get 15% off certain vehicle parts and up to $500 off vehicle service costs per visit. Other perks include savings on insurance and glass repair or replacement.

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