Walmart’s Price Matching Policy (In-Store + Online)

Unfortunately, Walmart used to have a much more extensive price matching policy. But in 2020, the company decided to do away with certain aspects of the policy. For example, Walmart stores no longer match competitor’s prices.

They also got rid of their app-based price matching tool called Savings Catcher due to finding that Walmart’s prices are almost always the lowest anyway.

Now we’ll get into the details of the current policy.

The Walmart price match policy is a little on the complex side, so settle in.

First, we’ll give you the good news: Walmart absolutely still offers price matching and price adjustment. However, there are quite a few exceptions and limitations to this policy, so keep reading.

The main thing to be aware of is that Walmart’s price match policy differs quite a bit between Walmart and

Let’s go over their in-store policy price match

Walmart’s In-Store Price Match Policy

Unlike many of Walmart’s competitors, Walmart will not price match competitors for in-store purchases. However, they will price match their own advertised prices if a lower price for the same item can be found on They also offer post-purchase price matching for in-store purchases, also known as price adjustment.

Some other things to be aware of when requesting a price match in person at Walmart include:

  • The identical item must be currently in stock on in order to qualify for a price match
  • In-store price matching is limited to one price match per customer per day
  • Walmart in-store price matching is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico
  • Walmart will not price match prices advertised at other Walmart store locations Online Price Match Policy

When shopping on, you have quite a few more options when it comes to requesting a price match.

For online shoppers. Walmart will price match a variety of qualifying online retailers. will only price match the following retailers:


When requesting a price match online at, here are somethings to be aware of:

  • The items must be identical
  • The item must be in stock on and on the online retailer’s website at the time of the price match request
  • Price matches are limited to one per customer per day (online and in store)
  • Walmart does not offer rain checks for online price matching
  • will not match prices advertised at a Walmart store location

If you think you are eligible for an online price match based on this information, contact Walmart Customer Care using the blue “Contact Us” button under the “Help” tab on A Walmart Customer Care representative will verify the item’s price match eligibility before you complete your purchase.

Walmart Price Adjustment

One other price matching option you have when shopping at Walmart is price adjustment. Basically, a price adjustment is a price match that happens after the purchase has already been completed.

Because Walmart doesn’t specify their price adjustment policy on their website, we contacted a Walmart Customer Care representative to find out exactly what the policy is as of 2022.

Here’s everything you need to know about price adjustments at Walmart:

  • Post-purchase price adjustment is not available for purchases made on
  • Price adjustments are sometimes available for purchases made at a Walmart store location
  • Store managers have ultimate discretion over post-purchase price adjustments, so it comes down to the luck of the draw when it comes to whether your price adjustment will be granted
  • In most cases, customers have up to 7 days to request a price adjustment after the date of purchase
  • To qualify for a price adjustment, the item must meet all of the existing requirements of Walmart’s in-store price match policy

Unfortunately, post-purchase price adjustment is not available for items purchased online. In other words, if you purchase an item on that later decreases in price, you will not qualify for a price adjustment. However, you can still request a price adjustment on an in-store purchase based on a sale price found on within 7 days.

Exclusions to Walmart’s Price Matching Policy

The following are excluded from price match and price adjustment requests made in person at a Walmart store:

  • Special event prices (including but not limited to clearance, rollback, Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, or limited-time promotions)
  • Prices from Walmart Marketplace Retailers
  • Bundle offers, instant rebates, mail-in offers, offers that include financing
  • Advertisements that require a purchase to receive a gift card
  • Percentage-off or buy-one-get-one-free advertisements without a specified price
  • Prices from other Walmart or Neighborhood Market stores
  • Competitor advertised prices

When requesting a price match online, will not match:

  • Items purchased from that later decrease in price (no post-purchase price matching)
  • Orders shipped to customers in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico
  • Prices from or on behalf of Marketplace or third-party sellers
  • Discounts applied at checkout
  • Offers advertised as percentage off or dollar off (e.g., “15% off” or “$5 off”)
  • Auction prices or those requiring membership
  • Adjustable fees such as shipping costs
  • Bundle offers, rebates, coupons, mail-in offers, offers that include financing
  • Prices that require a minimum quantity purchase
  • Items that other retailers have listed as clearance, close out, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity or other special event offers
  • Damaged, used, or refurbished items
  • Price errors
  • In-store prices
  • Prices resulting from pickup discounts
  • Items related to Black Friday and Cyber Week (including Pre-Black Friday event prices)

How to Request A Price Match At Walmart?

To request a price match at a Walmart store, follow these steps:

  1. Find the item you’d like to purchase
  2. Find the lower listed price on 
  3. Find a Walmart store associate and let them know you would like to request a price adjustment
  4. Show the associate the price as listed on
  5. The associate will walk you through the rest of the process

To request a price match when shopping on, follow these steps:

  1. Find the item you wish to buy from and add it to your shopping cart
  2. Find the lower advertised price from a qualifying online competitor
  3. Contact Walmart Customer Care using the blue “Contact Us” button under the “Help” tab on
  4. A Walmart Customer Care representative will verify the item’s price match eligibility before you complete your purchase

If you are requesting a post-purchase price adjustment in person at a Walmart store, follow these steps:

  1. Bring your item, purchase receipt, and verification of the newly reduced price on to a Walmart store within 7 days of your original purchase
  2. Find the customer service desk and ask a representative to help you with a price adjustment
  3. The employee and/or store manager will determine whether to grant you your price adjustment

Can Walmart Refuse Your Price Match Request?

Whenever you’re requesting a refund, price match, or price adjustment at Walmart, it’s important to remember that the store manager always has ultimate discretion over whether to grant your request.

Price matching is no different. Even if you meet all of the qualifications of a price match, Walmart still reserves the right to refuse a price match request at any time.

How Does Walmart Refund The Price Difference?

If you receive a price adjustment from Walmart, you will most likely receive the refunded amount to your original form of payment.

However, if the amount you are receiving back is $10 or less, then there is also a chance you could opt to receive this in cash regardless of how you paid originally.


Does Walmart Pharmacy price match GoodRx?

No. Walmart Pharmacy does not offer price matching.

Does Walmart price match oil changes?

No. Because oil changes are availed in person, a price match would imply price matching a competitor’s price or a price advertised by another Walmart location. Walmart’s in-store price match policy excludes both of these conditions.

Can you price match online at Walmart Canada?

No. Walmart Canada discontinued all price matching both in store and online in 2020.

Does Walmart price match Amazon?

Yes, but only online. Walmart stores do not price match competitors, but purchases made online can be price matched to prices advertised by However, third-party seller prices advertised on do not qualify.

Did Walmart stop price matching?

No. Walmart changed their price matching policy in 2020. However, they still offer price matching both in store and online.

Does Walmart price match Black Friday items?

No. Walmart does not price match items associated with Black Friday, Cyber Week, or any other special event promotion.


While it’s not as easy as it used to be, price matching at Walmart is still possible.

If you’re shopping at a Walmart store, you can always request a price match at the time of purchase if you can find the identical item advertised at a lower price on  Just remember that promotional items, special event sales, etc. do not qualify.

When shopping on, your options are a bit more flexible, as Walmart will price match a fairly long list of online competitors, including Amazon and Target.

Just remember that price matching is always up to the discretion of Walmart, so even if you meet all of the requirements, there’s no guarantee your request will be granted.

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