New Year’s Party Kits, Twisted Hummus, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

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Twisted hummus is due at Aldi this week! Can you feel the heat?

It’s a bit of an unusual week at Aldi. With Christmas falling on Wednesday, the day the new Aldi Finds are available in many stores, Aldi has turned its attention to New Year’s Eve celebrations with this week’s Aisle of Shame offerings. So let’s dive right in!

New Year’s Eve Party Kits

new year's eve party kit

If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration at home, this party kit will add some fun to the festivities for just $7.99. These kits include 5 party hats, 5 tiaras, 10 beaded necklaces, 10 noise makers, and confetti. They are available in the rainbow colorway shown here, or your choice of black and gold or silver and gold.

Park Street Deli Twisted Hummus

Aldi twisted hummus

These 16-ounce containers of twisted hummus are available in three limited-time flavors: Siracha, Garlic or Red Pepper. If you’re looking for these with the regularly stocked hummus at your store and you don’t find them there, be sure to also check the refrigerated section with the limited-time-only finds. We find stores stock them in different places sometimes.

Cardinal Party Games

Aldi TV party games

These TV-themed party games will liven up your New Year’s Eve celebrations, or just provide some cheap entertainment while you are off work for the holidays. These sell for $9.99 and come in The Office, Friends, and The Golden Girls game themes.

Beaumont Hot Cocoa Sampler Pack

Aldi hot cocoa sampler

This hot cocoa variety pack is made for single-serve brewers. It include 24 cups in the following flavors: mocha, Irish creme, salted caramel, and peppermint. We grabbed one of these for our teen’s stocking!

Crofton 4-Pack Wine or Champagne Glasses

crofton wine glasses

Members of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community are raving about the quality of these glasses! We have to say that the pics of them in the Aldi ads just don’t do them justice. These glasses are available in four version: wine glasses and stemless wine glasses, and champagne flutes and stemless champagne flutes.

Huntington Home Feather Soft Throws

feather soft throws

Speaking of our Facebook group, these Feather Soft throws are also get rave reviews from our members. These measure 60″ x 70″, and they are priced at just $12.99.

Appleton Farms Salami Collection

Appleton Farms Salami Collection

Along with that twisted hummus, this collection of flavored salamis will add variety to the grazing board at your New Year’s Day brunch! Classico, Herbs and Spices and Black Pepper are inside this 12-ounce package.

Specially Selected Stuffed Cherry Peppers

stuffed cherry peppers

Here’s another interesting addition to a grazing board or relish tray — go beyond olives with these stuffed cherry peppers. These are available in herb or garlic cheese flavors.

Pembrook Specialty Planners

Aldi wedding planner

Following up on the 2020 planners Aldi released last week, this week brings specialty planners geared at different audiences. These 12-month, spiral bound planners include sticker sheets and monthly and weekly dated pages. Beyond this wedding planner, there are wellness planners, parent planners, and a new baby version.

Easy Home Christmas Storage Containers

Aldi gift wrap organizer

Why oh why is getting it all out so much more fun than putting it all away? Aldi is coming through with a wide variety of Easy Home storage containers designed to better organize and safely store your Christmas decorations until next year. We are particularly enamored with this gift wrap organizer, which lies flat and will store under a bed or on a closet shelf.

Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers

jalapeno poppers

These bacon-wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese are a fresh meat special this week at Aldi. We don’t recall seeing these as a special before, and we’re eager to give them a try!

Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin

Carlini olive oil tin

If you use a lot of EVOO, this is your chance to stock up. This tin of Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains three liters of golden goodness for just $16.99.

This is also a great week to look for markdowns at your Aldi on holiday items you haven’t picked up yet, and even meat, bread and dessert items! Share your great finds with us!

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