The Teal Cabinet, Pumpkin Spice Popcorn, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

After we run for that teal cabinet, we’re stocking up on the pumpkin spice popcorn!

Last week, we had a hint of fall at Aldi, but this week we’re back with fall in full effect!

There’s lots of fall decor, pumpkin spice popcorn, and cookies and coffee flavored with caramel and apple. If loving fall is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Our list of must-haves is packed full this week! These items are available for the ad week beginning Wednesday, Sept. 9 (or Sunday, Sept. 6 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover.)

SOHL Furniture Accent Cabinet – $69.99

Aldi teal cabinet

We’ll get the biggie out of the way first. “THE” teal cabinet is back this week. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be a sell-out, so if it’s a must-have for you, be there early, and maybe scope it out the day before your ad week starts.

Crofton 12-Quart Porcelain Enamel Stockpot – $19.99

12 quart stock pot

We’re coming up on soup season, and this will be a great addition to the kitchen of anyone who loves making chili, soup or stew to feed a crowd.

Benton’s Caramel Apple Cremes – $1.89

Caramel apple creme cookies

These buzzworthy sandwich cookies are definitely a must-try at less than $2 a package! There are plenty of other apple-flavored treats coming to Aldi this month, too!

Coffee Plant – See Price in Store

Coffee Plant at Aldi

These coffee plants flew off the shelves when Trader Joe’s carried them last month, and we expect them to be a sell-out at most Aldi stores this week, too.

Wicked Grove Pear Hard Cider – See Price in Store

Aldi pear hard cider

While we love a cold beer most of the summer, hard cider is our preferred drink on bonfire evenings. We’re glad to see this juicy pear flavor is back this year.

Mama Cozzi’s Macaroni & Cheese Deli Pizza – $4.99


Aldi macaroni and cheese pizza

In the ever-rotating selection of pizzas at Aldi, this macaroni and cheese one is a fan favorite. Stock up when you see it this week if it’s one of your faves!

Huntington Home Carved Area Rug – $49.99

Huntington Home Carved Area Rug

We would expect to pay twice the price for the quality of these area rugs. These measure 5′ x 7′, and they are available in three designs. Here are the other two:

huntington home carved area rugs

Barissimo Caramel Ground Coffee – $3.79

Barissimo Caramel Ground Coffee

Fall flavors are popping up all over at Aldi right now, and we’re excited that one of our favorite flavored coffees is back! There is also Apple Crisp flavored coffee available this week.

Huntington Home Wax Melts – $1.69

huntington home fall wax melts

So, we were perusing these wax melt scents and we noticed something … two of the scents — Pumpkin Spiced Whipped Cream and Cozy Harvest — were popular 3-wick candle scents last fall. (Yes, we are such candle nerds that we keep a list of previously released 3-wick candle scents.)

Huntington Home 2-in-1 Electric Wax Melt Warmer – $8.99

candle warmer at Aldi

We are SO curious about these warmers. They will melt a candle, or use the added tray to warm wax melts. We have been wanting a candle warmer for our 3-wick candles, but we’re not sure if this one is going to work. Aldi says it is made for candles up to 10 ounces, and those candles are 14 ounces. We may have to get one for research purposes.

Huntington Home Fall Decor – Prices Vary by Item

Aldi fall decor

There is SO much fall decor available this week – and all month! – that we couldn’t fit it in this post. So we made a separate list for you. Check out all the Aldi Fall Decor coming in September.

Huntington Home Mercury Glass Pumpkin Candle – $4.99

aldi mercury glass pumpkin candles

There are so many fall candles coming to Aldi! These pretties are in store this week in three scents: Pumpkin Frosting, Pumpkin Toffee, or Sippin’ Cider.

Specially Selected Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn – $2.99

pumpkin spice popcorn

As you might imagine, there are tons of pumpkin spice flavored foods appearing on shelves this month at Aldi. The flavored popcorns are always a hit with us, though they are dangerous — we have a tendency to devour the whole bag in on sitting! We can’t wait to get our hands on this pumpkin spice popcorn!

Serra Ladies 2-Pack Lace Bralettes – $9.99

Serra aldi fall fashion bralettes

The price on these bralettes is SO good! Just $9.99 for two. There is also a two-pack with white and grey bralettes. Check out all the fall fashion coming to Aldi this week!

Are you grabbing the teal cabinet this week, or is something else No. 1 on your list? Let us know in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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  1. used to shop at Aldi’s all the time. After I became unable to walk very far I found I could not get around the store pushing a cart I really think Aldi’s needs to have some motorized carts for people that can’t walk into the store I would love to come back and Shop there however at this time it’s not possible.

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