These Aldi Booties and Bralettes Could be Free People Dupes

These Free People dupes at Aldi definitely give you the look for less!

While everyone has been on the hunt for the teal cabinet at Aldi this week, there are also some Aldi fall fashions making a stir.

Aldi Fall Fashions

So, imagine our surprise when we were perusing one of our favorite shoe-shopping sites, and up popped these babies from Free People!

free people booties

This, friends, is the Royale D’Orsay Flat from Free People.

It is crafted in Spain of fine leather, and is the closed-toe version of Free People’s super popular Mont Blanc Sandal.

It is a gorgeous shoe, and it comes with an equally gorgeous price tag. These shoes retail for $198 a pair.

Which brings us to Exhibit A.

Serra side-cut botties

This is the Serra side-cut bootie. It is made of … well … not leather. It does have a comfortable, padded sole, and an equally comfortable price tag. These shoes are $12.99 this week at Aldi.

And, just like the Free People version, Aldi’s version comes in brown, too.

Serra ladies Aldi fall fashions

Now, Aldi fans, we KNOW that saying these shoes are a Free People “dupe” is stretching it. They are not made with the same quality craftsmanship. The Free People could last you for years, and these Aldi booties will likely last only one season.

However, if you love this LOOK, and you’re wanting it for less, we think these Aldi shoes are a pretty close match.

What do you think? Could these give you that Free People look for, you know, 93% less?

Let us know in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

And we can’t forget about these bralettes!

free people dupes bralettes

These Galloon Lace Racerback Bralettes from Free People are $20 each.

But Aldi is coming through for us with very similar Serra Lace Bralettes!

aldi lace bralettes

And how does 75% off sound? The Aldi version of these racerback bralettes are $9.99 for a 2-pack! That’s $5 each!

These are available in gray and white, or black and beige.

Serra aldi fall fashion bralettes

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