Aldi Keto Cookies Make Dieting WAAAAAAY More Fun (and tasty!)

Aldi has started the year off with the answer to all our keto prayers! These Aldi Keto Cookies mean that you can literally be on your keto diet and have your dessert, too. Who said that you have to dread eating healthy when you have an amazing cookie option like this?!

aldi keto cookies

And don’t worry. Aldi knows how much we love them so they not only created these keto cookies in Chocolate Chip but in Snickerdoodle flavor, too. Can life get any better than this?

This means that you can literally have a keto cookie in one hand AND a different flavored keto cookie in another.


We can assure you that these are going to FLY off the shelf. Because when it comes to something as tasty and sweet as this, people are going to be stocking up so that they never have to run out.

And if you’re not impressed enough by the fact that each serving only has 140 calories, then get ready to be giddy over the price point…Coming in at $2.99 per bag, you’re not going to find any type of keto dessert at this affordable price, anywhere!

Put on your workout shoes and sprint to your Aldi store to grab these before they’re gone. You might as well get a good workout in and then follow up with these keto-friendly cookies!

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