How Do Lowes’ Aisles Labeling Work?

Lowes relies on the layout of its stores to guide shoppers. The design of Lowes’ aisles is critical to the look and feel of the store and the customer experience.

Each Lowes aisle has its own label to ensure that customers can easily find what they want.

Lowes Aisles Answered

Here are some of Lowes’s aisle labels and what they mean:

  • Aisle RW – means Right Wall. In most cases, the “W” in Lowes aisle labels represents a wall. The first letter usually shows the direction of the wall.
  • Aisle A13 – you’ll find most products stacked in large containers or promotional bins in this aisle. Some of these products include electronics and electric fittings such as light bulbs and smoke alarms.
  •  Aisle N – Lowes uses this aisle for products that hang on a Clip Strip. Most items on this aisle do not necessarily require a separate aisle. Some of the clip strip products you may find in the aisle include snacks, personal care items, and so on.
  • Aisle LW – means Left Wall.
  •  Aisle GC – stands for Garden Center. In this aisle, you’ll find most gardening materials, including soils, plants, and tools. However, you may also find a product labeled that it is in the GCSW, which means Garden Center Side Wall. Meaning you can find the item near the sidewall next to the garden center.
  • Aisle BW – means Back Wall.
  • BAY – is usually a small area in the aisle measuring about two feet wide. It may also be a group of shelves within the aisle having similar or related items.

How Do You Know What Aisle Is In Lowes?

The Lowes app is a valuable tool for its customers. The app’s product locator displays what aisle an item is in, making it easy for users to navigate through different departments in the store quickly and easily. The app also provides a map feature and allows you to search for specific items in the store and get their exact location.

By providing this tool, Lowes saves time for their customers and allows them to find what they need more quickly. It also integrates seamlessly with the My Lowes Loyalty Program allowing customers to earn discounts and savings on their purchases.

The app allows customers to search by product category and subcategory. Customers can also select whether they want their results filtered by store location or not. The app will then show them products available in their local store.

You can use the Lowes app if you get lost at Lowes because it helps with navigation. Alternatively, you can seek help from a Lowes associate and let them guide you around the store.

How to Use Lowe’s App Product Locator

Lowes product locator app is available for use on your mobile phone or device. You need to download the app on the App Store or the Google Play store. The Lowes app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. To use the product locator, follow these steps

  • Log in to your Lowes account on the app
  • Go to the search area and type what you are looking for
  • The app will show you how many items are available in your selected store location
  • Select the specific item you are looking for. The app uses the inbuilt map feature to show you the aisle and bay area where you can find the item. It will also show you a physical map with a pin location of the item in the store
  • To search for multiple items, use the quick list feature. The app’s map will provide you with the exact location of each product


Where are N aisles in Lowes?

N aisles are usually those that have Clip Strip products. A Clip Strip is a piece of equipment that holds small hanging products that don’t require a separate aisle or shelf space. This is in contrast to other areas of the store, which may have top products on shelves.

What is aisle GCSW at Lowes?

GC numbers correspond to products in the Garden Center. To find an item, look for its GC number and head to the appropriate aisle. If you find your product labeled GCSW, you will find it near the Garden Center Side Wall.

What is Lowes Endless Aisle?

Lowes’ endless aisle is a revolutionary concept that enables you to browse and order out-of-stock products or even ones not sold in-store. You can then have the items shipped to the store or your home. This innovative system allows customers to access a wide range of products, making Lowes one of the most convenient and customer-friendly retailers.

Do all Lowes stores follow the aisle and bay setup?

Lowe’s store layout and aisle arrangements make it easier for customers to find their products. All Lowes stores use the standard aisle and bay setups.

Does the Lowes app have a store map?

The Lowes app also features a store map. With the interactive map, you can see the location of any stocked item in your chosen store. You can also create a quick list of things you want to view on the map when shopping for multiple items.


Lowes stores have specific layouts that help customers navigate different aisles to get items they need. The retailer uses different markings and labels to guide you on the location of all products found in its stores.

You can also use the Lowes app, which has a product locator feature that helps you locate items in-store. The app has an in-built map that pinpoints the exact location of what you are searching for. If you get lost among Lowes aisles, you can seek the assistance of a Lowes associate.

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