Does Target Offer Gift Wrapping?

Parties, gifts, and gift wraps go hand in hand. If you get an invitation to a party, it is common courtesy to buy a gift for the host and have it wrapped. This will add to the mystery because they won’t tell what you have bought them.

Need to know more about Target gift wrapping? Read on to find out.

Gift Wrapping Target

Yes. Target offers gift-wrapping services the whole year round; however, it can only be done via their website online. This means that you cannot get your gifts wrapped in-store.

What Are The Target Gift Wrapping Options?

Target has numerous gift wrapping options. They include:

  • Gift boxes
  • Wine gift bags
  • Gift wraps
  • Gift bags

If you want to accessorize your gift wrap, you can consider using ribbons, decorative bows, shredded filler, and gift tags. 

How to Order Gift Wrapping at Target?

Ordering gift wrapping at Target is an easy process, and you will be done in a matter of minutes. However, ensure that you add the right things to the cart before submitting the order.

Does Target Offer Gift Wrapping for Online Orders?

Yes. Target only offers gift wrapping for online orders. 

The process is as follows:

  • Go on to the Target’s website
  • Tick the checkbox next to “My order contains a gift”
  • Checkout
  • Choose the option to include your name and the recipient’s message (optional) under the gift options.
  • Mark the checkbox adjacent to the words “Wrap for $5.99” to add the gift wrap you want

Note: Target can’t make changes if you forget to add the gift wrapping option when checking out after your order’s submission.

Does Target Do Gift Wrapping In-Store?

Unfortunately, no. Gift wrapping is not done in-store but is available online via This service is currently offered yearly. However, some reports say in-store gift wrapping may start late this year, around Christmas.

How Much is The Cost of Gift Wrapping at Target?

If you are getting a loved one a gift at Target online, have $5.99 extra for gift wrapping services since it is not free. The cost remains constant irrespective of the number of gifts and as long as they are for one person. In other words, if you are getting gifts for three people, for example, the price will be tripled. Also, the in-store gift wrapping option is not available.

Does Target Gift Wrap and Deliver?

Yes, Target offers gift-wrapping services, but it is only offered online.

You can have your gifts delivered with same-day drive-up, order pickup, and 2-day shipping options.

What Items Can Be Gift Wrapped at Target?

Target can offer gift-wrapping services for all items apart from the following:

  • Massive items such as car seats and furniture
  • Order Pick-up items
  • Items sold by third-party Target partners.


Does Target Sell Gift Wrapping Paper?

Yes, it does. It has many gift wrapping options available in numerous prints and colors at your local Target store.

Does Target Gift Wrap Baby Registry Items?

Yes. As long as you have purchased your baby registry items online, they will gift wrap them.

What Does Target Gift Wrapping Look Like?

Target’s gift wrapping looks like they have been wrapped by elves on Christmas Eve. The employees at target take their time to ensure everything is in place and on point!

Does Target Gift Wrap During The Holidays?

Yes. Target gift wraps during the holidays they are open. They are closed for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and have reduced hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s. Therefore, plan accordingly so as not to get disappointed.


Target gift wrapping is at an expert level; therefore, if you need to buy a gift and have it wrapped, do that via There are many gift wrapping options which means you can get one that suits you or your loved one best. Also, It is best to remember that getting in-store gift wrapping is impossible at your local Target store.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for this article! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find gift wrapping as an option when I tried to order something through today. I could enter a name in the ‘From’ field and write a message, but there was no option to add on the gift wrapping service 🙁 Maybe this is something that they got rid of between your post and now? Or I wonder if it’s because I ordered through someone’s gift registry. Still… if it’s through a regristry, you would THINK they definitely would include gift wrapping as an option so you can send a wrapped gift to the registrant’s adddress. Anyways — wanted to let you know so you could double check and update your post. Thank you again.

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