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If you’re a fan of carbonated water and seltzer, then you probably already know what is. It’s the latest craze in homemade carbonated water, and it can be a great value over buying seltzer by the bottle or can. Keep reading to find out how to exchange or refill your SodaStream cylinders at Target!Soda Stream

SodaStream is a home carbonation product used to add carbon dioxide to drinking water to create carbonated, or “sparkling,” water. The technology works at the touch of a button and is a great way to get fast, easy sparkling water without the waste and cost of buying cans and bottles. In fact, according to Target, just one SodaStream cylinder can save approximately 3,070 disposable bottles. Wow!

If you’re new to the SodaStream system, then you will have to start out by buying a SodaStream carbonator. These can cost anywhere from $80 to $130 depending on the model and are available through Target both online and in-store.

How To Refill SodaStream CO2 Cylinders at Target

While buying replacement cylinders for SodaStream is always an option at Target for prices ranging from $29.99, there is also the even more efficient option of refilling your SodaStream canisters at Target without having to pay full price for new canisters. This cuts down on waste and cost and can be a great alternative to buying fresh cylinders at full price if you’re a regular SodaStream user. You can also buy SodaStream refill canisters online at

So, how do SodaStream refills at Target work? Well, first of all, the term “refill” here is a bit misleading. Target doesn’t actually refill your SodaStream cylinders for you. Instead, they will take your empty SodaStream canisters, send them back to the manufacturer to be refilled, and then sell you a full SodaStream cylinder at half price. This exchange policy applies to all SodaStream canisters sold at Target. However, you must return your cylinders within 30 days of purchase to be eligible for the discounted exchange system.

SodaStream Refill Prices

Target makes their pricing pretty straightforward when it comes to SodaStream. There is only one size of SodaStream carbonator cylinder available at Target (60L) which is priced at $29.99 before tax. When you exchange your canisters in store, you will receive a 50% discount from this price, making the cost of the new canister approximately $14.99 plus tax.

If you want to exchange your empties online, you’ll have to go directly through the SodaStream website, which offers a $15 gift card when you exchange empties for new canisters. This evens out to being the same general value as exchanging your canisters in-store at Target. Just note that when you exchange SodaStream cylinders online, you must return them in their original packaging.

How To Exchange SodaStream CO2 Cylinders at Target

You can swap your empty SodaStream cylinders at Target and receive 50% off new cylinders. Simply visit guest services at any Target location and let them know you’d like to exchange your SodaStream cylinders.

You can also earn a $15 SodaStream gift card by returning your empties and buying new SodaStream cylinders online. Learn more about Target’s exchange program here or click here to find out about exchanging your empties directly through SodaStream.

If you plan to exchange your SodaStream cylinders at Target, just remember that they will have to be returned for exchange within 30 days of purchase. If you bring your empty canisters back any later than this, you will not be eligible for the 50% discount on your new canisters.


Can you refill SodaStream CO2 cylinders by yourself?

No. SodaStream CO2 cylinders are highly pressurized containers, and refilling them at home is extremely dangerous and should never be attempted. To exchange your empty containers for full ones, simply visit any Target store within 30 days of purchase or exchange them directly through SodaStream online.

Is SodaStream cheaper than buying seltzer?

Absolutely. Depending on how often you buy seltzer, the SodaStream system can save you anywhere from a little to a lot of money each year.

Can you buy SodaStream devices at Target?

Yes! Target sells a wide variety of SodaStream products, which you can browse through here.

Where can you get SodaStream CO2 refills?

SodaStream refills (full cylinders exchanged for empty cylinders) are available at Target, as well as Walmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Staples.


Overall, we think SodaStream is an amazing alternative to buying cans and bottles of sparkling water. Simply get yourself set up with a SodaStream machine, and then visit your local Target anytime you need to exchange your empty cylinders. Just make sure you exchange them within 30 days of purchase, and you’ll be good to go! 

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