Steps to Activate the Target Redcard (Phone + Online)

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If you’re a faithful Target customer, then you probably have a Target RedCard. Even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard of it and have considered getting one for yourself. Whether you’re a newbie to the Target RedCard or a seasoned shopper with some questions about your card, sit tight and let us answer all of your burning questions.

Target RedCard is a credit card, debit card, or Mastercard® available through Target. The Target Credit Card and Debit Card can be used exclusively at Target stores,, and inside the Target app, while the Target™ Mastercard® can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted.


Do You Have to Activate a Target RedCard?

Yes. When you first sign up for your Target RedCard, you’ll need to follow a few steps to get it active before you can start shopping with it. Follow the steps below.

  • Activate your card – To activate your new card, call the number listed on the back of the card or visit the Target website to set up a Target RedCard account.
  • Set up your pin – This will be covered within the activation process
  • Update your automated billing information – In order to use your RedCard, you’ll need to link your card to a bank account to make payments.

Visit the Target website here for more information on activating and using Target RedCards.

Can I use my Target RedCard before it arrives?

Yes! You can use your Target RedCard even if you don’t have the physical card in your possession. That said, you will need to wait until your application has been approved and your account is active. Once this process is complete, you’ll be able to add your Target RedCard to your digital wallet in the Target app. After you apply for your card, you’ll receive information that will enable you to register your card for online purchases.

How to Activate your Target RedCard?

If you’re new to Target RedCard and you’ve never had a RedCard account before, then you’ll need to create an account in order to activate your account online. You can also activate your card over the phone, which is simple and accessible whether or not you have an account.

Over the phone

  • When you receive your Target RedCard, there will be a phone number listed on the back of the card – (800) 424-6888. Call this number, and you will be walked through the process of activating your card. You will need to enter your name, the last four digits of your SSN, your zip code, and the 3-digit security code from the back of your card.



  • Visit the Target website.
  • Log on to your RedCard account if you already have one.
  • Sign up for a RedCard account if you are brand new to the service
  • Active your card from inside your RedCard account

Why isn’t my Target RedCard working?

If you’re having trouble with your Target RedCard, it’s best to get in touch with customer service right away. For Target RedCard Credit Card issues, call 1.800.424.6888, and for Target RedCard debit card, call 1.888.729.7331. You can also call Target customer service with general questions and concerns at 1.800.440.0680 or visit their contact page online. If you have security concerns about your card, you can also email [email protected]

How Does the Target RedCard Work?

For this article, we’ll be focusing mainly on the Target credit and debit cards. Target RedCard works just like any other credit or debit card, with the only major difference being that it only works within the Target universe. To apply for a Target credit card, visit their credit application here. To apply for the debit version, click here. You can also check out the store’s guide to RedCard for a handy breakdown of exactly what you’ll get with each version of the card.

What are the benefits of a Target RedCard?

  • 5% off all purchases at Target and (does not apply to prescriptions, eye exams, optical products, gift cards, and other miscellaneous items/services)
  • No annual fee
  • Free two-day shipping on hundreds of thousands of items on
  • RedCard exclusives (special items, gifts, and offers)
  • Get an additional 30 days for returns and exchanges
  • Withdraw up to $40 cash back at checkout in-store (Target Debit Card only)

How Do I Apply For A Target RedCard?

To apply for a Target RedCard, simply visit Target’s credit application page here. You can also apply for the debit card version of the Target RedCard by visiting the debit application here

The APR offered for both the Target Credit Card and Target Debit Card is 22.90%. For cash advances via the Target Credit Card, APR is 25.90%. According to the company’s website, you will not be charged interest if you pay your entire balance by your due date each month. For a full breakdown of the rates, fees, and terms, visit Target’s informational chart here.

What Credit Score Is Required for the Target Credit Card?

Target doesn’t give anything away when it comes to what their credit requirements are. But we can guess that since this is an in-store credit system, you’re likely to get approved with a lower credit score than other credit providers might require. There is no “pre-approval” process for this card, but it’s also not hard to qualify. Just remember that applying for a credit card sends a (temporary) blow to your credit score, so make sure that you feel confident you’ll get approved before you submit your application.


How to check if my card active?

To check the status of your Target RedCard, sign in to your RedCard account. You can manage any aspect of your card and account via this online portal. For more information on how to access your account and manage your card, keep reading for detailed instructions below.


Is the Target RedCard a credit card?

The Target RedCard is both a credit card and a debit card. The company offers both options so that you can choose which is best for you.

Is the Target RedCard a Visa or Mastercard?

Target offers three versions of its RedCard: Target Credit Card (which can only be used at Target), Target Debit Card (also only good at Target), and Target™ Mastercard®, which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. For more information, visit the company’s program rules here.

How do I check my Target RedCard balance?

To check your RedCard balance or manage any other aspect of your account, log in to your account via the Target website here.

Is there a Target RedCard limit?

Your credit limit will vary depending on your personal credit circumstances, and limits can range from as low as $200 to $2,500 or more. Customers who have been with Target RedCard over a long period and have consistently made their payments on time can qualify for larger credit limits.

How do I make a payment on my Target RedCard?

According to, there are four ways to make RedCard payments.

  • Pay online via
  • Pay by phone by calling 800-659-2396
  • Pay in-store at the guest services counter
  • Pay by mail by sending your payment to the address listed on your billing statement (do not send cash)

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