Discover Top 15 Aldi’s Affordable Protein Packed Snacks

1. Millville Protein Pancake Mix – Protein 14g


2. Friendly Farms Protein Vanilla or Mixed Berry Greek Yogurt 4-pack – Protein 13g


3. Simply Nature Original Beef Jerky – Protein 10g


4. Whole & Simple Mediterranean Style Chicken Quinoa Bowl – Protein 17g



5. Millville Oats Protein Crunchy Granola – Protein 10g


6. L’oven Fresh Protein Wraps – Protein 10g


7. Elevation Chocolate Peanut Butter or Chocolate Mint High Protein Bars – Protein 20g


8. Elevation Functional Protein Bars Assorted Varieties – Protein 19g


9. Elevation Yogurt Honey Peanut Protein Energy Bars – Protein 15g


10. Elevation Keto Friendly Protein Puffs Nacho Cheese & Jalapeno Cheddar  – Protein 4g


11. Elevation by Millville Chocolate Meal Replacement Shakes – Protein 10g


12. Simply nature chia seeds – Protein 5g


13. Northern Catch Assorted Pouch Tuna –  Protein 14g


14. Park Street Deli Protein Snack Selects Assorted Varieties – Protein 10g


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