The Aldi Gnome Trend is Continuing….We’re Getting St. Patrick’s Day Gnomes!

It’s official! The Aldi gnome trend is continuing into 2022 with our second set of seasonal holiday gnomes — this time we’ve got six new St. Patrick’s Day gnomes coming our way! And we have to say, these might be the cutest yet!

st. patrick's day gnomes at aldi

We got a sneak peek of the new gnomies thanks to a few members of our Aisle of Shame Facebook community!

Right now the St. Patrick’s Day gnomes aren’t listed in the upcoming March 2nd weekly Aldi Ad…but members are starting to see them in stores. Our guess is that they will start to hit shelves on March 2nd, 2022 for the majority of the Aldi stores.

Like the Valentine’s Day gnomes, the Aldi St. Patrick’s Day gnomes are priced at $8.99 each. There are six little guys to choose from and we’re in love with the variety of skin tones and beard colors — naturally, there is a redhead for the holiday as well as a pot of gold and shamrocks!

aldi st. patrick's day gnomes

This year, St. Patrick’s Day is on Thursday, March 17th, 2022!

Which St. Patrick’s Day gnome is your favorite? Let us know in the Aisle of Shame Facebook group or Instagram!

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