Aldi Fall Candles Drop This Week, and We’re Buying Them All

Aldi fall candles come out this week!

Alrighty people, it’s October. Time to step up that fall game.


Pumpkin patches, hayrides, bonfires and sweater weather are the order of the day now. And that means we need it smelling like fall up in here. Time to shop for fall candles.

For many of us basic witches, that means a trip to the mall to sort through those stacks of 3-wick candles priced at $24.50 a pop. Sure, you can wait for a sale and get them half price, but then your must-have scents may already be gone.


Aldi to the rescue. That’s right, Aldi.

Aldi Fall Candles

Our favorite store has released its fall 3-wick candles this week, and I’m telling you, these are a great dupe for the Bath & Body Works favorites.

The Aldi fall candles weigh in at 14 ounces, half an ounce smaller than their Bath & Body Works counterparts, but the jars they are housed in are the same size, and they come with the same metal lids you are accustomed to.

The difference is likely because Aldi Huntington Home Candles are made with a soy-blend wax, which may be slightly lighter than the wax in the name brand.

What else does the soy blend in the Aldi candles get you? Usually a cleaner, longer-lasting burn.

Hold up a minute!


We haven’t talked about the price!

$3.99. That is NOT a typo, peeps. The price of these Aldi jars of fall-scented goodness is $3.99. Yes, you can get three of these candles for the sale price of one from BBW.

Three. For. One.

And now, let’s take a look at the Aldi fall candle scents.

Drumroll, please …


First up is Cozy Harvest. It has deep red wax with red buffalo check on the label.

Aldi Fall candle cozy harvest

The teal candle is called Crisp Weather. It has a black-and-white buffalo check label.

Aldi crisp weather candle

And now we’re down to the serious business: pumpkin. The Maple Pumpkin candle has orange wax and pumpkins on the label.

Maple pumpkin candle

And then there’s the most luscious sounding of them all: Pumpkin Spiced Whipped Cream. It has a cute label with pumpkin spice lattes on it.

Aldi candle pumpkin spiced whipped cream

Which Aldi fall candle is first on your list?

Have you checked out Aldi’s mercury glass pumpkin candles and the rest of the fall farmhouse decor?


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