Why Are Maui Jim Sunglasses So Cheap at Costco?

If you are a polarized sunglasses lover, there is a high chance that you have heard about Maui Jim. It is one of the fastest-growing premium sunglass brands, with a cult following.

One of the main things that Maui Jim is known for is its innovation of PolarizedPlus2 lens technology to shield the eyes from 100% harmful UV rays. It does this while still enhancing clarity, color, and definition, hence a win-win for you.

Costco is one of the few retailers that stock Maui Jim’s sunglasses. However, are they legit? How much are they? Is it worth spending your money on Maui Jim sunglasses in Costco? For answers to these questions, read on below;

Costco Maui Jim

Maui Jim sunglasses are surprisingly cheap at Costco, and as a consumer, you may wonder why that is. All discontinued Maui Jim products go to Costco; thus, they’re sold at discounts and are cheaper. 

They are the real deal; hence there is no need to worry about spending money on fake glasses.

How Much Are Maui Jim Sunglasses At Costco?

Maui Jim sunglasses go for less than $100 at Costco, while the Maui website sells them for around $145 to $450 on their website.

However, Costco does not sell prescription Maui Jim sunglasses.

Is Maui Jim A Luxury Brand?

Maui Jim began from humble roots and is now a luxury brand sold in more than 100 countries. Its Aloha spirit, fantastic customer service, and PolarizedPlus2 lens technology have made it a high-end brand.

You can purchase Maui Jim sunglasses from its website, Costco, and authorized retailers. Check the Store Locator for nearby Maui Jim retailers and outlets.

Maui Jim is the largest independently-owned high-end eyewear brand globally with a Hawaiian heritage. In March 2022, Kering Eyewear signed an agreement to acquire Maui Jim. It has 16 other brands such as Gucci, Puma, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and Cartier.

What Is Special About Maui Jim Lenses?

Maui Jim revolutionalized the sunglass industry when it developed its PolarizedPlus2 lens. It started with only seven styles in its collection and now offers more than 125 styles for both men and women

The below factors make Maui Jim sunglasses stand out:

  • Their lenses provide 100% UV blockage and are infrared effective.
  • They block 99.9% glare and 100% harmful UV rays.
  • They enhance colors that your eyes perceive, giving you vibrant and saturated colors.
  • They manage 95% of Blue Light and HEV (high-energy visible) light.
  • They come in three gradient tints: Bi-Gradient Mirror, Fashion Mirror Lens Finish, and MauiGradient.

Are Maui Jim Sunglasses Scratch-Resistant?

Maui Jim sunglasses are scratch-resistant, especially the MauiPure, MauiEvolution, and Polycarbonate lens materials, due to their Clearshell treatment. The Polycarbonate lens offers the most shatter resistance and is perfect for fast-paced activities.

However, as much as Maui Jim sunglasses have a hard shell coating that resists scratching, they are not 100%  immune to heavy abrasives rubbing against the surface. Therefore, we recommend replacing the lenses for the best results.

Is Maui Jim The Best Polarized Sunglasses?

Maui Jim’s entire line is polarized, hence why many people love it. They make the best polarized sunglasses for beachgoers. Their glasses are high performance and come in numerous varieties, and you will be lost for choice.

What Makes Maui Jim Different From Other Brands?

Maui Jim’s ability to combine leading technology and the spirit and culture of Hawaii has made it stand out from other high-end brands. It strives to make its customers feel like family with very interaction and offer excellent customer service.

It is comparable to high-end brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, MYKITA, Tom Ford, American Optical, and Prada.

Is Maui Jim Lens Legitimate?

Maui Jim lenses are legitimate and high-quality. However, you may purchase them from unauthorized sellers who do not stock authentic sunglasses. We recommend using the Dealer Locator on the website to confirm the company’s authorized online dealers and stores near you.

Authorized Maui Jim Amazon sellers include Zappos, Sunglass Hut, and other stores partnered with Maui Jim.

How Can You Tell If Maui Jims Are Fake?

If the sunglasses are missing a reference number on the arm, they are fake. 

Check the hinges and brand sign; it is not authentic if the hinges feel stiff or the brand sign peels off. Also, ensure that the store has a “Maui Jim Authorized reseller” sign to ensure authenticity. 

You can also call Maui Jim at 1-888-666-5905 for clarification. They will ask for the reference number to confirm its validity.

Are Maui Jim Sunglasses Worth The Money?

Maui Jim sunglasses have a cult following, with many people singing their praises. They are high-end, have high-quality frames and lenses, and last a long time.

Below are some Costco customer reviews:

Costco Maui Jim Reviews


Are Maui Jim lenses made in China?

No. All Maui Jim lenses and frames are manufactured in Italy and Japan.

Do Maui Jim sunglasses have a lifetime warranty?

No, Maui Jim sunglasses have a two-year warranty to the original purchaser from when they bought them.

However, the warranty only covers defects in material and workmanship when purchased from an authorized Maui Jim reseller. Therefore, it will be void if the original frames or lenses are altered. It also does not cover normal wear due to lens scratching or breakage and shipping costs.

Does Maui Jim make sunglasses for Costco?

No, Costco stocks discounted Maui Jim sunglasses from the manufacturer. The company does not manufacture sunglasses, particularly for Costco to sell.

Is Oakley better than Maui Jim? 

It boils down to preference for Oakley and Maui Jim sunglasses. They are both well-established brands with high-quality and durable sunglasses.

The main difference between them is that Maui Jim only deals with polarised sunglasses while Oakley has various types, such as True Digital Clear, True Digital Prizm, Polarised, Transitions, Iridium, and Non-Iridium.

Oakleys are perfect, especially for outdoor sports such as boating, while the Maui Jim sunglasses are better for UV protection.

Does Maui Jim sell on Amazon?

Yes, Maui Jim sunglasses are sold on Amazon. However, it is crucial to note that some manufacturers are not authorized sellers of Maui Jims; hence no warranty will be provided.

What kind of sunglasses are Maui Jim Stingrays?

Maui Jim Stingray polarised sunglasses are ideal for people with an active sports lifestyle. They come in non-prescription and prescription varieties.

The skin cancer foundation recommends them as an effective UV filter for the eyes and skin.


Maui Jim sunglasses have become a global brand, and it is no surprise. Their high-quality brand, polarized technology, and Aloha culture have won the hearts of many. The good news is that your local Costco stocks Maui Jim sunglasses, hence no need to spend alot of money when you can get them for less near you. Try them today, and let us know your experience!

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