Your Complete Guide to the Costco Hearing Center

If you’re approaching that stage of life where you’re starting to notice your hearing fade, it can feel urgently important to find a reliable place to have your hearing screened and potentially even buy hearing aids. That’s why we’re here to talk about the Costco Hearing Center (formally known as the Costco Hearing Aid Center).

Costco Hearing Center

Costco Hearing Aid Center

The Costco Hearing Aid Center provides services to anyone in need of a hearing test or hearing aids.

Similar to the Costco Pharmacy or Costco Vision Center, Costco Hearing Aid Centers are owned and operated by Costco Wholesale and provide Costco members with a convenient and affordable resource for having their hearing screened and purchasing top-of-the-line, prescription hearing aids.

Not all Costco Warehouse locations house Costco Hearing Centers, so be sure to check with your local Costco location to find out what your options are. To avail the services at any Costco Hearing Aid Center, you will need to have an active Costco membership. 

Services Offered

The main services offered at Costco Hearing Centers include…

  • Hearing tests and screenings
  • Hearing aid fittings and adjustments
  • Hearing aid sales
  • Follow-up services and care

Making An Appointment

To take advantage of the services offered at a Costco Hearing Aid Center, you will first need to have your hearing tested by a Costco hearing instrument specialist or audiologist.

To make an appointment for a hearing test at a Costco Hearing Aid Center, follow these steps…

  1. Locate a Costco Hearing Aid Center near you using this locator tool
  2. Call the number provided on the store listing and request to speak with the Hearing Aid Center
  3. Let a Hearing Aid Center employee know you would like to schedule an appointment for a hearing test, and they will assist you with the rest of the scheduling process
  4. Print and complete this patient intake form prior to your visit and bring it with you to your appointment (Spanish language version available here)

As of March 2023, patients cannot make Costco Hearing Aid Center appointments online.

Costco Hearing Aid Centers have different operating hours based on location. Check with your local Costco Hearing Aid Center to find out what time they open and close. You can locate any Costco or Costco service using this locator tool. Not all Costco Warehouse locations house Hearing Aid Centers.

Types of Hearing Tests Available

The Costco Hearing Aid Center facilitates one main type of hearing test, which is meant to determine your level of hearing and what type of hearing aid would best suit your needs.

These tests are similar to eye exams, in that they can determine your current level of impairment to provide you with the most accurate support possible.

The hearing tests administered at Costco take about one hour and happen inside of a private sound booth with an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist.

If you’re curious about your hearing capacity but you’re not quite ready to make an appointment for a test, Costco also offers this free hearing screening through their website to help you determine the general quality of your hearing. The test’s accuracy requires the use of wired headphones or earbuds in a quiet environment. (Note: this is not the same test provided at Costco Hearing Aid Centers and should not be used in place of an official diagnostic tool.)

As far as we can tell, all of the hearing tests administered at Costco are free of charge. You will only be charged if and when you place an order for hearing aids.

What To Expect During a Hearing Test

When you arrive for your visit, check in with a Costco Hearing Aid Center staff member. They will let the hearing instrument specialist or audiologist know you’ve arrived for your appointment. When the specialist is ready to see you, the staff will let you know and guide you to where your hearing test will be conducted.

The hearing test itself should take about one hour and will be conducted in a private sound booth. Be aware that the person administering your test might not be an actual audiologist, as not all Costco Hearing Aid Centers employ audiologists. Some Costco locations employ hearing instrument specialists instead, who are also trained to administer hearing tests and make hearing aid recommendations.

When your exam is finished, the specialist will explain their assessment of your hearing and provide recommendations for hearing aids, as they see fit. If you’re interested in purchasing hearing aids, the specialist will provide complimentary demonstrations of the hearing aid models they think would best suit your needs and lifestyle. If you decide to purchase hearing aids, the specialist will conduct a fitting by inserting a thin tube into your ear canal. In some cases, your hearing aid fitting might happen during a follow-up appointment, but it almost always happens during your initial visit. To learn more about how hearing aid fittings work and what to expect, check out this YouTube video from Doctor Cliff, AuD.

If you decide to purchase hearing aids from Costco, you will be sent home with a document like this at the end of your visit, which will provide you with all the information you need about your new hearing aids. The document will include the technical and brand information about your hearing aids, as well as information about your follow-up appointments and tips for adjusting to the use of hearing aids.

You can check out Costco Hearing Aid Center’s FAQs here for more information about what to expect from their services.

Follow-up Appointments

After your initial hearing test, you may be asked to return for a series of follow-up appointments. These appointments could serve the purpose of fitting you with your ideal hearing aids (if your fitting was not conducted at your first appointment), checking to make sure your devices are working for you and making any adjustments if needed, and testing your hearing again every 12 to 18 months.

Some of the follow-up services provided by the Costco Hearing Aid Center can even happen remotely, meaning that you won’t need to return to the Hearing Center in person unless you need physical adjustments or an updated hearing test. According to, many hearing aid adjustments can be made from home using your smartphone or tablet with the remote assistance of a Costco specialist.

Average Cost Of Hearing Aids At Costco

Based on the product listings on, Costco hearing aids typically range in cost from $1,000 to $2,000 per pair, with the average cost landing at around $1,600. As noted on the Costco Hearing Aid Center website, prices of these devices vary by location.

According to, Costco does not accept insurance for hearing aids. In fact, the majority of insurance plans do not provide coverage for hearing aids. If your insurance plan covers hearing aids, you can submit a post-purchase reimbursement request for the cost of your Costco hearing aids.

Types of Hearing Aids at Costco

Costco sells five main types of hearing aids…

  • Receiver in the ear (suitable for mild to severe hearing loss)
  • Completely in the canal (suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss)
  • In the ear (suitable for mild to severe hearing loss)
  • In the canal (suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss)
  • Behind the ear (suitable for mild to profound hearing loss)

To learn more about each of these hearing aid styles, click here.

Hearing Aid Brands Available At Costco

Costco sells a limited selection of hearing aids from just three different brands–Jabra, Philips, and Rexton. Despite there only being a handful of options, the hearing aids sold at Costco are considered some of the best on the market.

In the past, Costco also sold their own Kirkland Signature hearing aids as well as Phonak hearing aids by Sonova. However, the sale of these models at Costco was permanently halted in 2022. The Kirkland Signature hearing aids were also manufactured by Sonova, which no longer sells any of their products through Costco.

Costco Hearing Aid Features

The cutting-edge hearing aids sold at Costco provide a wide range of hi-tech features beyond simple hearing assistance.

Features include…

  • Custom earmolds*
  • Rechargeable batteries (not available for all models)**
  • Remote controls
  • TV connectivity
  • Cell phone connectivity
  • Built-in microphones for hands-free calling
  • Easy Line Remote app (allows you to adjust volume and other settings from your phone)

*All hearing aid brands sold at Costco allow for custom earmold options, but these are charged separately.

**For models that do not have rechargeable batteries, these conventional hearing aid batteries are available at Costco.

Benefits of Buying Hearing Aids At Costco

If you’re a Costco member in need of hearing assistance, there’s really no reason not to purchase your hearing aids at Costco. From competitively low prices to excellent customer service, the Costco Hearing Aid Center has an exceptional reputation for providing top-tier services to those with hearing needs.

Competitive Prices

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing your hearing aids at Costco is that you can save a significant amount of money. According to, the average cost of a pair of adult hearing aids can range from $2,000 all the way up to $3,000, with some of the most expensive devices costing as much as $4,000 or more. Clearly, the hearing aids at Costco come at a serious value when compared to these market prices, with most pairs priced at well under $2,000.

Three-Year Warranty 

All hearing aids purchased at Costco come with an automatic three-year warranty, which covers all necessary repairs from normal wear and use. This even includes replacement of your hearing aids if necessary.

Free Hearing Tests and Follow-Up Care

Whether you’re in need of a simple hearing test or you’ve purchased a pair of Costco hearing aids, all of the services provided at the Costco Hearing Center are free of charge. This means that once you purchase your hearing aids, all of your follow-up appointments, additional hearing exams, and hearing aid adjustments won’t cost you a penny. You can’t really beat that kind of value!

Excellent Customer Service and Quality of Care

On top of all these benefits, the Costco Hearing Aid Center has an amazing reputation for providing some of the best care and customer service of any hearing center out there. In fact, many people feel that the services available at Costco are even better than the services provided by some private audiologists.

Take it from these Reddit users who shared glowing feedback about their experiences at the Costco Hearing Aid Center…


Can you use Costco Hearing Center without membership?

No. Unlike the Costco Vision Center, you must be a Costco member to use the Costco Hearing Aid Center. You can sign up for an annual membership for as low as $60 here.

Why did Costco stop selling Phonak hearing aids?

According to this article from, Sonova (the company that manufactures Phonak hearing aids) pulled their products from Costco in 2022 as part of a decision to end the sale of their devices through all large retail and wholesale chains. Additionally, Costco customers had been complaining about a problem with the rechargeability of Phonak devices, which led to issues between the two companies.

Can you buy hearing aids without a hearing test?

Yes. However, as far as we can tell, Costco does not sell over-the-counter hearing aids. You can learn more about over-the-counter hearing aids here.

Which hearing aid is best for old age?

According to the Costco Hearing Aid Center, “there is no one best kind of hearing aid.” Instead, your hearing aids are chosen for you based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

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