How Much Does Costco Glass Repair Cost?

Costco is a major retailer offering a wide range of products and services. One of the most popular services you can get is optical services offered by Costco Optical stores. If you are wondering whether you can get your glasses fixed at Costco, here’s all you need to know.

Costco eye glasses repair

Does Costco Repair Glasses?

Costco offers glasses repair services at select Costco Optical locations. The glasses repair services offered at Costco optical stores include screw tightening and replacements, lens repairs, frame adjustment, cleaning and adjustment of prescription lenses, and more. Repair costs vary depending on the Costco location and the services needed.

The cost of Costco glasses repair depends on the type of repair needed. Costco may also provide free glasses repair or adjustments when dealing with a minor issue. However, more extensive repairs may cost $25 or more depending on the damage and if any parts need replacements.

You need to be a Costco member to have your glasses fixed or buy glasses, lenses, and other optical devices. However, you can have your glasses fixed at Costco even if you bought them at another store.

Costco will repair or adjust your glasses whether you bought them at Costco or elsewhere. If the repairs needed are minor, Costco offers the services for free.

Costco Optical Operating Hours

Costco Optical stores are open seven days a week. They operate from 10 am to 8.30 pm on Monday through Friday. The stores are open from 9.30 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and from 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

The stores may remain closed or operate for shorter hours on special holidays such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Easter, and Christmas. You can check the operating hours of your nearest Costco Optical store using the warehouse locator.

How long does it take for Costco to repair glasses?

Your glasses’ repair time depends on the extent of the damage. Minor repairs usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour, while major repairs may take 1-2 weeks.

What Kind of Glasses Damage Can Costco Repair?

Costco offers a wide range of repair services for different types of glasses. The following are some of the common repairs that Costco Optical offers:

  • Lenses – Costco will replace your lenses if they get scratched on the surface or coating or have cracks in the glass itself
  • Screw replacements – If any of the screws on your frames are loose or broken, Costco will replace them with new ones. They replace screws on all types of frames, including metal and plastic frames
  • Frames – If you have broken or cracked frames, Costco can replace them with new ones. They also provide frame repair services to make sure that your glasses look great again
  • Nose pads replacements – If your nose pads have become worn down over time, Costco can replace them, bringing back your frames’ original shape and fit
  •  Hinges repair and replacement – If your hinges are broken or damaged in any way, Costco will fix them so that they work like new again

Does Costco Have a Warranty on Their Glasses?

Costco doesn’t have a warranty on its glasses. It doesn’t offer free replacements or exchanges on glasses bought at its optical centers.

According to Costco’s return policy, you can return your glasses and get a replacement or modification in case of a wrong prescription. In this case, you need to return your glasses to Costco within 60-90 days after buying them. Besides, you can return your contact lenses even after five years if you haven’t used them.

Costco’s Glasses Repair Reviews

Costco Optical enjoys mixed reviews on its glasses repair services. Most positive reviewers cite the wide selection of glasses and affordability. Negative reviewers mention poor customer service and long queues. Below are some of the reviews.

Costco eye glasses repair Review 1

Costco eye glasses repair Review 2

You can contact Costco Optical customer service at 1 (800) 774-2678 or email [email protected].


Can you bring your own frames to Costco?

You can bring your own frames to Costco for repair or adjustment. Depending on the extent of the service needed, Costco may repair or adjust the glasses for free, or you may pay a small fee.

Will Costco put new lenses on your old frames?

Costco will put new lenses on frames provided they are in good condition and not too old. However, Costco Optical may decline to work on the frames due to their condition if they are too old.

Can Costco repair optical products in-store if purchased online?

Costco will repair any glasses purchased online in-store. If you purchased your glasses online, you can take them to a Costco Optical center and have them repaired for free or at a small fee.

Does Costco replace frames for glasses?

You can take your glasses to any Costco Optical store for frame replacement. You can get your frames adjusted or replaced at a small fee.

What insurance does Costco Optical take?

Costco Optical takes VSP EyeMed insurance plus several major insurances such as;

  •  United Healthcare
  •  MES Vision
  • MetLife
  • FEB BlueVision
  • Superior Vision
  • Spectera
  • Davis Vision
  •  VBA Vision


You can get glasses repair or replacement services at Costco Optical locations. Some of the repair options include screw tightening or replacements, lens replacements, frame repair or adjustments, and so on.

Costco won’t charge you for the service if your glasses need minor repairs. You’ll, however, pay $25 and above for major repairs. Minor glasses repairs at Costco Optical may take 30 minutes to one hour or between 1–2 weeks for extensive repairs.

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