Costco Is The Best Place To Buy Traeger Grills For Cheap

If you’ve never heard of a Traeger Grill, then you might not be a wood pellet grill fanatic. Popular among those who like to grill and smoke their food, Traeger Grills have gained popularity over the past several decades as some of the highest quality grills on the market.

But along with their reputation, they also come with a hefty price tag. That’s why we’re here to explain how you can find Traeger Grills for the cheapest price possible at Costco.

Traeger Grills at costco

How Cheap Are Traeger Grills At Costco?

The Traeger grills and BBQs on range in price from about $400 to over $1,500. Compare this to the prices available direct from Traeger, which start at around $450 and range all the way up to almost $4,000. So, yes, when you compare Costco’s Traeger Grill prices to Traeger’s own prices, Costco definitely offers a better deal up front.

But the reason why Costco’s Traeger Grills are cheaper deserves a closer look…

Here’s a good explanation for why Traeger grills tend to be a bit cheaper when you buy them at places like Costco or Home Depot…

Traeger Grills at costco cheaper

However, as we’ll look at below, not all Traeger Grills sold at Costco are produced specifically for Costco. Some of them are also available direct through Traeger, but at a higher price. So, Costco still remains a good choice for anyone looking for a good deal on a Traeger Grill.

Types of Traeger Grills at Costco

You can find the following Traeger Grills on as of March 2023…

As you can see, even the Costco-specific models are available through at a higher price, except in the case of the Traeger Silverton 620, which is the same price regardless of where you buy it.

You can also buy a 33-lb bag of Gourmet Traeger Wood Pellets for $26.99 on to use with your Traeger Grill.

Where To Buy Cheaper Traeger Grills

It’s worth noting that Costco isn’t the only place where you can find good deals on Traeger Grills (but as we’ll learn through this article, they do offer the lowest prices). 

Best Buy of all places offers good deals on Traeger Grills, and they even offer a few of the same models available directly through Traeger. Prices start at $799.99, making Costco still a bit more affordable for certain models.

Ace Hardware is another popular place to find deals on Traeger Grills. Their prices currently range from $1,399.95 to $3,799.95, making them somewhat less expensive than Traeger but still not as affordable as Costco.

Finally, we checked out Home Depot’s pricing for Traeger Grills and discovered that their prices start at just $449.95 and range up to $3,799.95. This makes Home Depot the place with the widest price range and the widest selection of Traeger Grills. However, Costco still wins out as the place with the single least expensive Traeger Grill and the best deals overall.

If you want to hold out for an especially good deal on a Traeger Grill, you can keep your eye out for promotional sales throughout the year. Places like Costco, Home Depot, and Best Buy often host sales during the summer months and fall months leading up to the winter holiday. During this time, it’s quite possible that you can find good deals on Traeger Grills, especially around Black Friday.

Why Is Traeger Expensive?

Traeger Grills are known for being some of the most expensive grills on the market today. But why is that exactly? 

Based on our research, it seems clear that Traeger Grills are primarily priced so high because of their reputable brand name. The Traeger company was founded back in 1985 by a man named Joe Treager who built up the brand into a trustworthy company selling USA-made products of the highest quality.

However, the Traeger family sold their company and all assets in 2006 to a man named Jeremy Andrus. Since then, the company has changed their manufacturing practices quite a bit, namely by outsourcing all of their manufacturing and production to China. 

Because Traeger Grills earned their reputation as sturdy pieces of equipment built to last, most people still associate the brand name with those qualities. However, the Traeger Grills currently on the market are of an inferior quality when compared to the older models, but they are still being sold at extremely high prices. 

That said, Traeger Grills are still better quality than many other low-cost pellet grills you can find on the market.

This Reddit thread offers some helpful insight into why Traeger Grills are so expensive…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 6

Another reason why Traeger Grills are more expensive than other girls on the market is because they are extremely versatile and easy to use. Most Traeger Grills can be used as conventional grills, ovens, smokers, and more. Many Traeger models are even Wi-Fi compatible so that you can control your grill settings directly from your phone. Read more about Traeger WiFIRE technology here.

Costco Traeger vs. Original Traeger

As mentioned above, most of the Traeger Grills sold at Costco are manufactured specifically for the wholesaler so that they can be sold at a cheaper price. 

To make this possible, Traeger sacrifices on quality of materials to cut down on production costs. This means that in most cases, Traeger Grills purchased at Costco are not quite as excellent in quality as the Traeger Grills available elsewhere, especially when compared to the models sold directly by Traeger.

Are Traeger Grills Worth The Price?

According to these Reddit users, Traeger Grills are great if you’re looking for convenience, safety, and discretion in a small space…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 1

However, as noted above, they might not be the best choice for someone looking primarily for a good smoker.

Here’s some more feedback offering a similar perspective…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 4

This Reddit user is of the opinion that Traeger Grills are overpriced, especially since they’re made in China…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 3

Several other Reddit users on this same thread suggested Weber and Masterbuilt as good alternative brands to Traeger when shopping for a high-quality wood pellet grill…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 2


What’s the difference between Traeger Elite and Pro?

There are several differences, but the Pro model grills are better quality overall.

This Reddit user offers a good explanation…

Traeger Grills at costco Review 5

Is Traeger Silverton exclusive to Costco?

No. Traeger Silverton model grills can also be purchased directly from Traeger. However, they are not available from other retailers besides Costco.

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