When and How Often Does Target Restock?

If you’re a frequent Target shopper, then you’ve probably run into the issue of heading into the store or onto the website for a specific item only to find out that it’s out of stock. Bummer! If you want to know exactly when and how often Target restocks, then keep reading.

Target Restock

Target stores restock every night between midnight and 6am. Perishable grocery items are restocked daily between 3pm and 11pm. Items sold on Target.com do not have a set restocking schedule, but you can sign up to receive notifications when specific items are restocked.

What Day Of The Week Do Target Stores Restock?

Even though Target restocks on a daily basis, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all items are restocked everyday. While the stores make it a point to restock essential items daily, other merchandise only gets restocked a few times a week. While Target has no set restocking schedule for general merchandise across all stores, most stores receive shipments on either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and all stores tend to receive shipments on Friday to prepare for the weekend rush.

What Time Of Day Do Target Stores Restock?

Target stores restock every night between midnight and 6am. Essential items are restocked daily while general merchandise is restocked a few times a week. Food items are restocked between 3pm and 11pm.

How Often Does Target Restock?

Target restocks essential items like food, healthcare items, and household goods every day. For general merchandise including toys, electronics, and clothing, restocking happens about 2-3 times per week on average depending on demand.

Unfortunately, Target does not publish specific restock schedules. Restocking varies from store to store, so it’s best to call or visit your local Target to find out exactly when certain items will be restocked.

When Does Target Get Shipments?

As with restocking, there’s no hard and fast rule about when Target stores receive their shipments. Some Target stores receive shipments every day while others might only receive shipments 1-2 times per week. This all depends on how busy the store is and how much local demand there is for new products.

As a general rule, most Target stores receive at least two shipments per week: one on either Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and one on Friday to prepare for the weekend.

When Does Target Restock Online?

Target’s online inventory does not follow a specified restocking schedule. Items are restocked depending on availability and demand, and the best way to find out for sure is by signing up for notifications from Target.com. Keep reading to find out how!

How Do You Get Restock Alerts From Target?

To sign up for restock alerts, you’ll need to create and/or sign in to your Target.com account. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be given the option of selecting “notify me when it’s back” on certain items. (Not all out-of-stock items offer this.) If you opt in for notifications via your Target account, you will receive an email notification when the item is restocked online.

What is the Best Day and Time To Shop at Target?

Because Target stores tend to restock overnight, the best time to shop if you’re looking for newly stocked items is first thing in the morning. While store hours vary depending on location, most Target stores open at either 7am or 8am. Rise and shine!


What does Target restock mean?

“Restock” simply refers to the process of placing new items on the shelves to replace other items that have sold.

When does Target restock toys?

Target’s restocking schedule varies from store to store. Most stores restock general merchandise between midnight and 6am, but the best way to find out when specific items or types of items will be restocked is by contacting your local Target store.

When does Target get new clothes?

Shipments of new items arrive at different times depending on the store. To find out exactly when your local Target will be receiving shipments of new clothes, please contact the store directly.

When does Target restock its seasonal products?

Restocking of seasonal items depends on several factors, such as demand, availability, store location, and more. To find out exactly when your local Target will be restocking your favorite seasonal products, simply contact the store directly.

How often does Target restock furniture online?

Target’s online restocking varies by item, brand, etc. The best way to find out when certain items will be restocked on Target.com is by signing up for notifications.

Does Target restock out-of-stock items?

This depends on the item. If an item is out of stock due to supply chain issues or simply because the demand was higher than the store anticipated when they placed their order, then the item will be restocked when supplies become available. However, some items might be out of stock due to product discontinuation or because Target has decided to stop carrying the product. If you’re not sure, you can always ask a Target employee to find out whether the item will be restocked.


All in all, there’s no clear science to when and how often Target restocks their merchandise. The best way to access Target’s newest items is by arriving right when the store opens, especially on Saturday morning. When in doubt about a specific item, simply ask an employee at your local Target or log on to Target.com to receive restock notifications. Happy shopping!

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