What Can You Print At Target?

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Unfortunately, Target does not offer printing services for documents or PDFs.

But if you’re interested in printing digital photos, then you’re in luck. Target Photo offers digital photo printing services starting at just $0.39 per print. And the best part is that you can order your prints right from home and receive them in the mail without ever having to leave your house!

Target Print

What Can You Print At Target Photo?

Target Photo offers a wide range of photo-printing services, including basic color prints as well as custom products such as mugs, coasters, and more.

Here is a list of the different products Target Photo will print:

  • Digital photos
  • Passport photos
  • Photo magnets
  • Photo collages
  • Panoramic photo prints
  • Wood block prints
  • Fine art prints
  • Posters
  • Graduation photo cards
  • Metal photo prints
  • Canvas photo prints
  • Photo books
  • Mugs
  • Phone cases
  • Coasters

Target Photo also offers a wide range of custom photo gifts that vary by season and extend beyond what is listed above. To check out their current photo gift offerings, click here.

How Much Is Target Photo Printing?

Here, you will find a table listing the starting prices for all of Target Photo’s printing services.

Product Starting Price
Digital photo prints $0.39
Passport photo (prints only) $12.99
Photo magnets $3.00
Photo collages $0.39
Panoramic photo prints $2.50
Wood block prints $19.99
Fine art prints $22.70
Posters $24.99
Graduation photo cards $1.50
Metal photo prints $21.99
Canvas photo prints $25
Photo books $29.99
Mugs $15.50
Phone cases $32.99
Coasters $39.99

Steps to Print Photos At Target

Printing photos through Target Photo has never been easier. While some stores might still offer in-person kiosks for receiving basic digital photo prints on the spot, most of Target Photos services happen online.

To get started, simply visit Target Photo’s website, then select the product you’d like to order and follow the steps prompted by the website.

Note that you will have to provide your own digital photo files, including for passport photos. Target Photo does not offer photography services.

How To Track Your Target Photo Order?

When you order prints through Target Photo, you will be able to track your order through your Target.com account. When you are logged in, click “My Account,” then click “My Orders” to find the order you’d like to track.

When ordering through Target Photo, items are printed and shipped (within the US) within 2-4 business days. For more information about Target Photo, visit their FAQs here.

Does Target Photo Offer Pick Up Or Delivery?

Target Photo does not offer in-store or curbside pickup for photo orders. However, they do offer delivery. All Target Photo orders placed through targetphoto.com will be delivered to the shipping address you provide during checkout.

Does Target Have Good Printing Quality?

Overall, Target Photo’s print quality has a pretty great reputation. In fact, 90% of customers who left a review on Target Photo’s website gave their basic photo printing service a 4- or 5-star review. That’s pretty great! 

We also checked in with the professionals to see what they thought. Here are the pros and cons of photo printing with Target Photo, cited by PC Mag:

Target Good Printing Quality

Other Places To Print Documents

Other places where you can easily print documents and make copies include:

  • Your local library
  • The UPS Store
  • FedEx
  • Staples
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Walgreens
  • CVS Photo (PDFs)


Can you print posters at Target?

Yes! Click here to check out Target Photo’s custom poster offering.

Can you print labels at Target?

No. We were not able to find any offering on the Target Photo website for label printing.

Can you print shirts at Target?

No. Target Photo does not print shirts.

Can you print photos from your phone at Target?

Yes! Target Photo offers printing services for digital photos, whether they come from a phone or a camera. They also offer square-format photo printing for Instagram photos.

Can you instantly print photos at Target?

Some Target stores may still feature photo-printing kiosks where you can print photos instantly in person, but it is unclear how many of these kiosks still exist. Most of Target’s photo printing services are routed through their website and take several days to process and ship.

Does Target have a photo studio?

No. Target no longer hosts photo centers in their brick-and-mortar locations anymore, and they do not offer photography services.


The world of photography and printing is changing fast as things become more and more digital and cloud-based by the day. But being able to hold your photos in your hand or gift someone a heartfelt customized photo gift is still something we all value, right?If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable photo printing service, then Target Photo is a great option.

However, if you need to print documents such as Word documents or PDFs, you will have to go elsewhere, such as to your local library or UPS Store.

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