What Are Lowes Intercom Codes? (Code 3, 50, 99 etc.)

Intercom codes are a safe and efficient way most stores use to communicate with their employees. If you are a regular shopper at Lowes, you may have heard these codes and wondered what they mean.

This post will look at some of the codes used at Lowes and their meaning to help you understand them better.

Lowes Aisles Answered

What Are Lowes Intercom Codes?

Intercom codes are like a secret language between Lowes associates. They are a way for Lowes employees to communicate information without alarming customers or giving them unnecessary information.

If you are a regular customer at Lowes, below are some of the intercom codes you may hear and what they mean.

Code 3

If you hear the intercom code 3 at Lowes, it means more staff members need to go to a particular department. For example, they may require more cashiers at the cash registers due to a growing queue of customers at checkout.

Code 50

Code 50 at Lowes means that extra employees should head to the loading bay area. This code is standard when the store has received a large consignment, and extra help is needed to unload it. Non-occupied Lowes employees will be called upon to assist the loading bay team.

Code 75

Intercom code 75 requests additional associates to assist with the carts in Lowes parking lot. Just like codes 3 and 50, code 75 applies to any employee who is not presently assisting a customer.

Code 99

If you hear Code 99 over the intercom at Lowes, there is an emergency, and everyone in the store needs to stay put until further notice. Employees and customers will need to wait for instructions on what to do next.

Code 4

There is no need to be alert when you hear code 4 at Lowes . Intercom code 4 means that customers and employees can relax, as everything is under control. Lowes may also use code 4 after Code 99 – an emergency code. So, when you hear Code 4, you can rest assured that all is well.

Code green

If you hear code green at Lowes, it means that there is a hostage situation. Code green may work closely with code 4. For example, sounding a code 4 after a code green means that the hostage situation is under control.

Code Adam

Walmart is one of the first retail stores to use code Adam. It later spread to amusement parks, departmental stores, and other retail stores, including Lowes. When you hear a code Adam, it means that there is a child who has gone missing at the store.

When the code sounds, employees are supposed to stop whatever they are doing to try and locate the missing child. Other employees monitor all the entrances and exits that the child may use. If the search for the missing child goes for ten minutes without success, Lowes calls the police to report the incident.

Code yellow

Lowes uses intercom code yellow when a child makes a mess on the floor, such as peeing or vomiting, and it needs cleaning up. However, various Lowes outlets may use this code to mean different things.

What Is the Shoplifting Code At Lowes?

Lowes keeps some of its intercom codes secret, including the shoplifting code. Employees can also not share sensitive codes with third parties, including relatives and customers.

When there is a shoplifting incident at Lowes, the concerned associates usually communicate secretly via radios and other forms. They usually do this to minimize the chances of alerting the suspect before they can investigate the incident.

Lowes does not encourage its employees to confront suspected shoplifters. If a shoplifter manages to leave the store, the employee should memorize their description and vehicle number plate to help with police investigations.

Do All Lowes Stores Have the Same Intercom Codes?

The only similar intercom codes in all Lowes stores are codes 3 and 50. However, you may find other stores sharing the same intercom codes 75 and 99, although this is quite rare. The Adam code may also be similar in all Lowes stores. In most cases, different Lowes stores have unique intercom codes set by the store’s management.

If you’re looking for a Lowes store near you, use the store locator feature on their website to find the location closest to you. Enter your city, state, or zip code in the search bar at the top of the page, and you’ll see your nearest outlet, including its operating hours. You’ll also see a map of all Lowes store locations across the US.


Are Lowes intercom codes the same as other stores?

Different stores have different codes that they use. Some of these codes are universal and are similar across other stores. For example, the “Adam code” is a universal code mainly used by most stores when a child is missing.

How do you get into Lowes intercom?

To use the Lowes intercom, pick up the phone and press one of the line buttons. Then press the number #35 on the phone to use the overhead intercoms. The #number may vary depending on the store.

How do you page someone in Lowes?

To page someone in Lowes, press one of the numbered line buttons on the phone. Once you hear the dial tone, press the “page” button. Since not all phones have a page button, you may have to find your store’s page code.


Lowes uses intercom codes to communicate with its employees. The most common codes are 3 and 50, used across all Lowes stores. These codes usually mean that some areas of the store need additional employees.

However, different Lowes stores may have other intercom codes set by the management. There are also secret intercom codes that only employees and the store’s administration know. Some intercom codes, such as the Adam code, are universally used across various retail outlets.   

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