Understanding Jewelry Returns at Sam’s Club

Covered under their general return policy, jewelry can be returned to Sam’s Club at any time for virtually any reason. This includes all types of jewelry sold at Sam’s Club.

Sams Customer Service

The only major exception to this is if you have had any custom work (such as engraving) done to your jewelry. Sam’s Club does not accept returns on custom or personalized items. So, if you purchased a ring, bracelet, or pendant that you have had engraved, you will unfortunately not be able to receive a refund for this item at Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club is also unlikely to accept returns for jewelry items that show obvious signs of wear and tear or damage. However, if your jewelry item failed to meet your expectations because it broke or was damaged during normal, expected use, then you can certainly still qualify for a refund by explaining your situation.

To read Sam’s Club’s full return policy, click here.  The key takeaway is that Sam’s Club offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on most items sold in their stores and on SamsClub.com.

How Late Can You Return Jewelry Items?

Thankfully, Sam’s Club does not limit returns on jewelry. This means that as long as your jewelry is in like-new condition, you can return it to Sam’s Club at any time regardless of when you purchased it.

However, if your Sam’s Club membership expires and you do not pay to renew it, you will no longer qualify for refunds from Sam’s Club. As long as you keep your membership up to date, you will always be eligible for jewelry returns.

The only Sam’s Club shoppers who can still receive refunds even without a membership are those who paid for their items with a Sam’s Club gift card.

How To Return Jewelry

Anytime you return something to Sam’s Club, you have three options. You can either return your item in person to any Sam’s Club location, return it through the mail (online orders only), or call the Sam’s Club customer service line to initiate your return over the phone.

To request a refund in person, follow these steps:

  1. Bring your jewelry item to any Sam’s Club location (if you can, bring your original purchase receipt as well, along with your item’s original packaging)
  2. Find the member services desk and let an employee there know you would like to request a refund
  3. If your return is accepted, you will be issued a refund on the spot to your original form of payment

To return an online order through the mail, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sam’s Club account
  2. Navigate to your order history and locate the order containing the item you want to return
  3. Click “View Details”
  4. Select “Return Item” and fill out the returns form provided
  5. Once you’ve submitted the form, print your return shipping label (which is paid for and provided by Sam’s Club)
  6. Package your item securely and place the shipping label on the outside of the box
  7. Bring your package to a designated shipping location and send it to Sam’s Club

Note: Online purchases can be returned in person to any Sam’s Club location, but items purchased in person cannot be returned online/by mail.

If you have any questions about the returns process, find out more here or contact Sam’s Club Customer Service at 1 (888) 746-7726. This is also the same number to call if you want to initiate your return over the phone.

…Without Receipt

One of the best things about the Sam’s Club return policy is that they do not require receipts for returns. While they certainly prefer that customers can provide a sales receipt or packing slip for refund requests, this is not a requirement. 

Because all of your Sam’s Club purchases are attached to your membership, Sam’s Club should be able to pull up a record of your transaction at any time regardless of whether or not you can provide a receipt. This is how Sam’s Club is able to process no-receipt returns.

…Without The Box

As far as we can tell, Sam’s Club does not require original packaging for returns. This means that even if you don’t have the box your necklace, bracelet, or ring came in, you should still have no problem returning it to Sam’s Club.

How Refunds Are Processed

If you’re granted a refund for your Sam’s Club jewelry, you will be credited the amount back to your original form of payment.

This means that if you paid in cash, you will receive a cash refund on the spot. However, if you paid via credit or debit card, you will likely have to wait a few days to see the funds show back up in your account.

Returns initiated online take the longest to process because you have to wait for your item to arrive at its destination. Once Sam’s Club has your item, they can approve your refund and send your funds back to you. This process could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How Do Warranties Work at Sam’s Club?

Most products sold at Sam’s Club, including jewelry, are protected by the Sam’s Club 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. As stated on Sam’s Club’s website, many products are also protected by a manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s a good idea to check your item for any information about such a warranty.

If you would like to purchase additional warranty coverage for your Sam’s Club jewelry, you can do so by purchasing an Allstate Protection Plan. Plans start at just $8.98, such as this two-year protection plan for jewelry priced between $100 and $199.

You can also purchase longer plans, such as this three-year plan (which is the highest-rated jewelry protection plan available at Sam’s Club), this seven-year plan, or this 10-year plan.

To learn more about purchasing warranty coverage from Sam’s Club, click here.

Can Sam’s Club Deny Returns?

Despite having a generous return policy, Sam’s Club reserves the right to deny returns at any time. This is fairly rare, but if Sam’s Club suspects fraud or abuse of return privileges, they will reject your refund request. Sam’s Club also may reject returns on items that show too much wear and tear.

That said, the Sam’s Club return policy is known for being quite flexible, and most return requests are honored.

Return Policy Exceptions

Finally, while most of the official Sam’s Club return policy exceptions apply to jewelry, it’s important to be aware of what items cannot be returned to Sam’s Club.

These items include…

  • Gift cards and prepaid cards
  • Event tickets
  • Custom items, such as personalized gifts or photos
  • Purchases made through the Sam’s Club Wholesale Trading Program
  • Prescriptions

The following items may or may not qualify for returns at Sam’s Club depending on local state laws…

  • Alcohol
  • Tires and batteries
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Hearing aids


Is there a restocking fee at Sam’s Club?

No. Sam’s Club honors free returns, meaning that you will not be charged a restocking fee. In fact, restocking fees are extremely rare among major retailers and wholesalers.

Can you return jewelry purchased with a Sam’s Club gift card?

Yes. Regardless of your form of payment, you can return your jewelry to Sam’s Club. If you paid with a gift card, this is the only way to avoid needing a Sam’s Club membership to request a refund.

No. They are very similar, but Sam’s Club’s return policy has more restrictions. To learn more about the Costco return policy, check out our post about it here.

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