Does Sam’s Club Accept Coupons?

Unfortunately, Sam’s Club does not accept coupons as of July 2022. This includes manufacturers’ and competitors’ coupons.

Yes, this even applies to Walmart coupons. Despite being the owner of Sam’s Club, Walmart coupons are not accepted at any Sam’s Club locations.

The only exception to this rule is that Sam’s Club does accept vendor checks from Enfamil, Similac, and Purina.

Sams Club Accept Coupons

Why Does Sam’s Club Not Accept Coupons?

The reason why Sam’s Club doesn’t accept coupons is pretty simple. Basically, shoppers already receive tons of great Sam’s Club discounts without even needing coupons.

Since Sam’s Club is a wholesaler, their prices are already significantly lower than their competitors. So, simply by shopping at Sam’s Club, you’re receiving deals and discounts everyday, built in to the price of your purchases.

And rest assured Sam’s Club offers great deals on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Plus, if you have a Sam’s Club Plus membership, you will qualify for extra Sam’s Club deals through the Sam’s Club Pharmacy and Optical center.

But better yet, Sam’s Club also offers an alternative to traditional coupons in the form of their Instant Savings Program, which can be used by Sam’s Club Plus members and anyone with a Sam’s Club membership!

Keep reading to find out how to save at Sam’s Club without needing coupons!

What Is The Sam’s Club Instant Savings Program?

Despite not offering traditional coupons, Sam’s Club promotes its Instant Savings Program as a convenient alternative to coupon clipping.

The Instant Savings Program offers discounts and promotions to all Sam’s Club members via 3-4 week sales events all throughout the year. These promotions can cover everything from groceries and household essentials, to tech savings and Christmas and holiday sales.

Simply log in to your account to view Instant Savings offers. When you purchase qualifying items, you will instantly and automatically receive your savings at checkout, without having to enter a code or provide a coupon.

All Sam’s Club members are automatically enrolled in the Instant Savings Program.

How Does Sam’s Club Instant Savings Work?

Basically, the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Program works just like coupons and promotional offerings without requiring shoppers to provide a coupon or promo code.

Throughout the year, Sam’s Club offers discounts and promotions on select items based on popularity, demand, and more. When these discounts and promotions are in effect, all member shoppers automatically receive these savings at checkout.

To shop at Sam’s Club and receive these promotional deals, you must be a Sam’s Club member. If you shop at Sam’s Club via Instacart without a Sam’s Club membership, you will not receive Sam’s Club Instant Savings.

How To Get Instant Savings At Sam’s Club

The first thing you’ll need to do to get access to the Sam’s Club Instant Savings Program is become a member. And that’s pretty much it!

All Sam’s Club members are automatically enrolled in the Instant Savings Program. You don’t need to do anything else to take advantage of the savings, other than buy the right things at the right time. In other words, you might be taking advantage of Instant Savings without even knowing it by making a qualifying purchase.

One of the only exclusions to this rule is that shoppers with a new membership may have to wait up to 24 hours to be eligible to receive Instant Savings. If you’re having trouble receiving your Instant Savings, visit the membership desk at any Sam’s Club location.

To find out what’s currently on sale, you can check out the current Instant Savings promotion here or download the current Instant Savings Book here. Don’t miss out on the July sale!

Sam’s Club also offers a physical Instant Savings Book for shoppers who would rather browse the deals without having to get online. Instant Savings Books are available in store at Sam’s Club locations during the duration of a sales event, which usually lasts between 3 and 4 weeks. Visit your local Sam’s Club warehouse to grab a copy of the latest Instant Savings Book today!

For more information on how to check out the latest Sam’s Club Instant Savings deals, click here!


Does Sam’s Club accept manufacturer’s coupons?

No. Sam’s Club does not accept any form of coupon. 

Does Sam’s Club accept paper coupons?

No. Sam’s Club does not accept any form of coupon.

Does Sam’s Club offer hotel discounts?

Yes. Sam’s Club Travel offers promotional deals on hotels, rental cars, theme parks, and more.

Does Sam’s Club Pharmacy take GoodRx coupons?

No. Sam’s Club does offer an RxSavings Program through the Sam’s Club Pharmacy, but they do not accept separate GoodRx coupons.

Does Sam’s Club have promo codes?

Yes. Check out these instructions from Sam’s Club to find out how to apply Sam’s Club promo codes to your purchases.


There you have it! Sam’s Club has a super straightforward and convenient alternative to pesky coupon clipping. While they may not accept traditional paper coupons, they do offer year-round savings events through their Instant Savings Program. Everyone who’s a member of Sam’s Club can take advantage of these events without even having to know what’s on sale.

If you want to stay on top of the deals though, there are plenty of ways you can look up the current promotions, including online and via Sam’s Club’s physical Instant Savings Books, available at warehouse locations.

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