This Aldi Acacia Ladder is a Serena and Lily Dupe, and It’s Under $50!

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Grab this Aldi Acacia Ladder (that’s so much cheaper than a Serena and Lily Ladder!) in stores starting Jan 4th, 2023 (or Jan. 1 in stores with a Sunday switchover)!

serena and lily vs ALDI Ladder


SOHL Furniture – Acacia Ladder – $49.99

  • Made of acacia wood
  • Navy or white paint on ladder legs
  • 4-rung design provides space for hanging towels, blankets, and more
  • Holds up to 22 lb. on each rung
  • 15.74″ L x 1.37″ W x 70″ H

What is ALDI Acacia Ladder used for?

Like many other ALDI customers, I was confused when I first saw the ladder… why in the world such product exist. But after looking at it further, it seems like a fun makeover project for a bedroom, master bathroom, or even backyard where throw blankets lie on the floor or in a blanket basket.


How do you use the Ladder?

The ladder makes a lot of sense when working with a compact space. All you need to do is place the ladder and let it lean on the wall.

SOHL Furniture – Acacia Stool- $39.99

  • Made from acacia wood
  • Navy or White paint on stool legs
  • Stool holds up to 225 lb.
  • 9.5″ x 15″

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