The Story Behind The New Walgreens Slogan

Prior to 2017, the Walgreens slogan was “At the corner of happy and healthy.” However, in recent years, the slogan has been updated to “Trusted since 1901.”

This new slogan makes reference to the history of the company, which was founded in Chicago in 1901 by Charles R. Walgreen. The store started out as a small food store, and by 1919, Walgreens was a 20-store chain.

Walgreens Stores

Throughout the 1920s, Walgreens famously gained their success by selling prescription whiskey during the prohibition. In fact, Walgreens was so successful in this business that they were hardly impacted at all during the Great Depression.

When Did Walgreens Change Their Slogan?

In 2017, Walgreens famously changed their slogan from “At the corner of happy and healthy” to “Trusted since 1901.

Their previous slogan had just been introduced in 2012 and only lasted for five years before being replaced.

Why Did They Change It?

Although Walgreens hasn’t offered a cut-and-dry answer for why they changed their slogan, some have speculated that it’s meant to establish their position in the industry as many other companies begin to offer pharmacy services, including Amazon.

When asked about the change, Alex Gourlay–Walgreens’ COO–simply said, “It’s a pivotal moment that signals the next phase in our transformation.”

One thing that hasn’t changed much in recent years is the Walgreens logo.

Although specific designs have been updated slightly over the years, the famous red W remains Walgreens’ logo in 2023…


What was the Walgreens’ greeting?

“Be well.” Up until 2015, Walgreens employees were required to tell customers to “be well” after ringing up transactions at the register. As reported by Retail Wire, this practice was done away with in favor of a less rigid approach.

How did Walgreens get its name?

Walgreens is named after its founder, Charles R. Walgreen.

What is Walgreens’ motto?

Walgreens does not currently have a motto. Instead, their slogan is “Trusted since 1901.

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