Target Teacher Discount (Save On Classroom Essentials and More)

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No matter where we shop, we all try to take advantage of discounts, as it’s one way to boost our savings. Many retailers give these offers, and one corporation popular for its great discounts is Target. One of their offers that stands out is the unique discount for educators, known as the Target teacher discount. 

Learn more about this Target discount that enables teachers to stock the classroom for less, its eligibility criteria, how to use the discount, and the benefits it offers.

Does Target Have A Teacher Discount?

Yes, Target offers an annual teacher discount. According to the terms of the discount, teachers receive 15% off specific items, whether they shop online, or in the stores. And if teachers hold the Target REDcard, they can save another 5% on eligible products.

There’s a timeline for this offer, so the discount is usually available between July and August (around 6 weeks). However, Some Target stores offer discounts to verified teachers throughout the year. 
Target teacher discount

Who Is Eligible For A Teacher Discount At Target?

As Implied by its name, this discount is meant for teachers. Other members eligible for the discount include faculty and staff members of various educational institutions based in the United States. These institutions include:

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Technical, Vocational, and trade schools
  • K-12 Schools
  • Daycare Centers
  • Homeschooling Centers
  • Early Childhood Learning Centers

Target discounts also extend to university and college students, and military service personnel, provided they verify their status. 

Where Can You Find the Target Teacher’s Discount?

Teachers need to register and verify their status on before they can start enjoying the teacher’s discount. The process is quite straightforward, as you’re only required to enter your information, and you will be verified based on the details you provide. Once the process is complete, make sure to download the Target app for your smartphone so that you don’t miss out on any teacher offers in the future. 

How To Get Teacher Discounts At Target Online?

To sign up for the teacher discounts, go to the target teacher discount page. While on the page, you will be required to enter the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your school information

The information is used to create your account, which grants you entry into the Target circle loyalty program. 

Next, you will be required to provide a verification document that proves your teaching status. If everything goes smoothly and the information you enter is accepted, a message is sent to you on, informing you of your successful verification.

Teachers can verify their status on the Target website or the app. If they verify online, the coupon (15% off), is automatically added to their accounts when the Teacher Prep Event starts. Another way of signing up for the coupon is by visiting the store. For the in-person process, the teachers are required to provide their phone numbers. 

Note that you should completely verify your teacher status before you intend to use the discount. Therefore, don’t just show up at your nearby Target store without having your account fully set up. 

How to Use Teacher’s Discount At Target

Now that you already have a verified account, it’s time to use your discount!

If you are shopping online, the first step is to add to cart the items you want to purchase and proceed to checkout. Then move to discounts and select Redeem or Apply and the discount will be deducted. If you are shopping in-store, the cashier will scan using your phone to redeem the discount. 

The discount coupon can only be used once during the promotional period. Therefore, educators should probably save it until they have a huge list of items they are buying, to get the biggest discount possible.  

Teachers with a Target REDcard can use it to get another 5% off on supplies. It usually applies after the initial 15% discount. 

What Is Included in the Target Teacher’s Discount?

There are a wide-ranging number of materials teachers can save on using this Target discount. These items include:

  • Writing supplies, e.g pencils, pens, and crayons
  • Classroom storage
  • Food storage bags
  • Toys
  • Card games
  • Sporting equipment
  • Various furniture
  • Some snacks
  • Electronics
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissue
  • Disinfecting wipes


How many times can you get the Teacher’s Discount?

The Target Teacher’s discount can only be redeemed once during the promotional event. You should therefore try to ensure that you utilize this offer to the maximum.

How Long will the Target Teacher’s Discount Last?

The Target Teacher’s discount lasts for about 6 weeks. It starts around July 18 all the way to August 29. However, this timeline may change in the future, so you should check with the retailer for the accurate dates of the event. 

Is There a Target Discount for Homeschool Teachers?

Homeschool teachers can enjoy the 15% Target discount on various supplies, as well as an additional 5% discount if they are Target REDcard cardholders. But, to enjoy the Target Teacher’s discount educators must be verified. 

How do you add a Teacher’s Discount to Target Circle?

To add a teacher’s discount, access your Target account on Add items to cart and go on to checkout. Input the promo code in the section under ‘Order summary’ and that’s all. 

Are There Target Discounts also for Students?

Target has recently launched a discount for college students. The offer allows students to save $15 for every $50 they spend on household essentials. To receive the discount, students must verify their eligibility. 

Also, students new to the Target loyalty program are allowed a one-time discount of 15% after joining and verifying that they are college students. 

Does Target have Freebies for Teachers?

No, Target does not have freebies for teachers, however, they offer discounts for teachers to help them save on various classroom essentials. 


Target offers annual teacher discounts that entail 15% off for various items, as well as an additional 5% for Target REDcard cardholders. The discount is available to teachers, faculty, and staff members of universities, colleges, K-12 schools, homeschooling centers, daycare centers, and early childhood learning centers. 

Teachers must register and verify their status on to receive the discount. 

So, if you are eligible for the Target Teacher’s discount, and would like to squeeze more savings out of your in-store or online purchases, watch out for the offers and shop when these fine deals last. 

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