All the Plant Babies Coming to Aldi in September

There’s a new crop of September Plant Babies you will want to adopt from Aldi!

It seems like every time we turn around, Aldi is bringing us some more fun houseplants to love. We’ve got all the different plants coming to U.S. Aldi stores in September, so that you can plan your shopping (and watering!) schedule now!

Stargazing Succulents – Week of Sept. 2

stargazing succulents

The miniature succulent collection in a cute group of ceramic pots is a formula that works well for Aldi. This new collection features stargazing images on purple, white, green and black pots, and succulent plants dusted with sparkle.

Coffee Plants – Week of Sept. 9

Coffee Plant at Aldi

Don’t expect these coffee plants to grow beans, but they are a huge trend in the house plant world. These easy-care plant babies have become hard-to-find, but they’re coming to Aldi in September!

5-Inch Exotic House Plants – Week of Sept. 16

September Plant Babies

These exotic house plants will be sold in 5-inch, neutral pots that will fit any decor. These would make a great hostess gift! There will be four varieties available: Ginseng Ficus, Lucky Bean, Money Tree, and Snow Rose.

5-Inch Croton or Sansevieria – Week of Sept. 23

September Aldi plant babies

We’ve always loved crotons and snake plants for their easy care and colorful leaves, and we love these September plant babies because of their metallic pots!

Gardenline Fall Bulbs – Sept. 23

gardenline fall bulbs

Gardeners, Aldi has you covered, too in September. These boxes of 20-40 bulbs are varieties you plant in the fall that come up in the spring. The bulbs available include Crocus, Allium, Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and a box with a mix of three different varieties.

Day of the Dead Succulents – Week of Sept. 30

day of the dead succulents

Day of the Dead ceramic planters were a huge hit last year at Aldi, so our favorite store is bringing us a new collection! This year, you can choose from several colors of planters with succulents or air plants.

day of the dead air plants

Keep your eye out for your favorite September plant babies at your local Aldi, and post your haul in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

What do you think will be the best seller out of this group? Our money is on the coffee plant!

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  1. these plants have increased my weekly budget purchases from Aldi! they are priced so affordable, that I have to fight myself into buying multiples. I have had many great compliments on their exoticness….This has become my new hobby during the pandemic era:) Not a bad choice….bonus that its in Aldi’s!

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