Aldi’s New Mason Jars Are A Genius Idea For Meal Prep

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These Prep and Go Mason Jars are a must-have for taking your lunch to work!

prep and go jar

We absolutely love using mason jars for food storage, and we often make salads in mason jars to take to work for lunch. But, it’s an imperfect system. There’s always something that you want to keep separate until tossing — be it dressing or perhaps something you want to stay crunchy — like nuts or our personal fave in salads – pepitas.

So while we have our handy mason jar with most salad ingredients, we still have to take an extra small container to work, too.

And that’s why these new Crofton Prep and Go Mason Jars are SO genius. They include a small container that fits inside the lid of the jar, so that you can carry your toppings in the same package!

mason jar salads

Use the container for your dressing, a dip, or perhaps the granola for a fruit and yogurt parfait!

crofton prep and go mason jar

Aldi has kicked off 2022 by carrying several different kinds of meal prep containers as Aldi Finds, but we think these are the most unique and ingenious!

The glass jars hold about 34 ounces. And, while we found similar jars on for $14.99 each, these Crofton jars are priced at just $4.99. We’re planning to pick up 2-3 if we can find them!

prep and go mason jars

What do you meal prep in mason jars? Let us know in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!


  1. I love the prep and go jar but that’s all I got, I thought I was getting all that was pictured on the box

  2. I really wish I didn’t know about the Aisle of Shame. I’ve also signed on to receive E-mails. So it’s a weekly trip to get to Aldi. My last few trips I got the prep and go jar should have got 2. I was lucky to get the sit up bench. Managed to get large electric hot pad. It’s like a race to get to store and that aisle. Most of time I have go get out of line due to I’ve forgotten what groceries I needed. Next task the Bed Jackets OOPS I shouldn’t told, someone might beat me to them. I’m hooked.

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