Aldi is Releasing New Parmesan Crisp Flavors This Week, and They’re Everything

Aldi is blessing low-carb eaters with two new parmesan crisp flavors this week!

Last year, Aldi introduced Savoritz Parmesan Crisps as a limited-time Aldi Find. They were available in two flavors — original and jalapeno.

original aldi parmesan crisps

The keto and low-carb dieters among us went wild for these crispy, cheesy snacks, and they quickly sold out.

Later in the year, Aldi brought them back as a permanent item, and you can find them now in the snack aisle at Aldi.

Aldi jalapeno parmesan crisps

These gluten-free snacks are 100% cheese, and therefore, they have zero carbs.

This week, Aldi is bringing out some new items for keto diets (including this keto ice cream!), and among the offerings are two new flavors of Savoritz Parmesan Crisps!

Parmesan Crisp flavors

The new parmesan crisp flavors are Everything and Four Cheese.

The packaging states they have 9 grams of protein per serving. Just between you and me, though, I have trouble stopping before I have eaten the whole bag.

Have you tried the new flavors?

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