How Does Costco’s Laptop Warranty Work? (+Exclusions)

All computers purchased at Costco include a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, a two-year extended Costco warranty, plus access to free technical support through Costco Concierge Services. If you decide you’re not satisfied with your laptop within 90 days of purchase, you can also return it to Costco for a full refund.

To extend your coverage even further, you can also purchase an additional three-year Allstate Protection Plan, which covers “drops, spills and life’s accidents plus mechanical and electrical failures during normal use.” By combining these warranties, you can secure yourself with a total of five years of coverage, though your coverage will vary depending on the warranty period and type.

While the Allstate plan covers drops, spills, and other accidents, the manufacturer warranty and Costco’s extended warranty are a bit more basic.

Costco’s extended laptop warranty only covers manufacturer defects and malfunction. Essentially, if your laptop stops functioning properly due to mechanical or electrical failure, then the Costco warranty will cover you. Things like cracked screens, liquid spills, or other accidental damage are only covered by the Allstate Protection Plan.

One other tip we’ll mention is that if you purchase your laptop with a Costco Citi Visa, you’ll get an additional two years of basic warranty coverage. Unfortunately, Citibank is retiring their extended warranty program starting January 22, 2023, but all purchases made before this date will still qualify for the two-year extended warranty.

Costco Laptop Warranty

Laptop Warranty Exclusions

Costco’s extended warranty covers everything that the manufacturer warranty covers. When you purchase your laptop, be sure to familiarize yourself with your computer’s specific manufacturer warranty.

As a general rule, Costco’s extended warranty does NOT cover:

  • Data backup
  • Software replacement
  • Physical damage
  • Liquid damage

How To Claim Your Laptop Warranty

To make a claim on your warranty, contact Costco’s Concierge Service at 1-866-861-0450. English- and Spanish-speaking representatives are available to assist all active Costco members.

Costco Concierges are available from 5AM to 10PM PST seven days a week, excluding major holidays. 

Does Costco Fix Laptops?

One of the best things about buying electronics and other high-price-tag items at Costco is that they offer specialized repair services. If you purchase a laptop from Costco, you will always have the option of seeking repair services through Costco’s Concierge Service.

Repairs to your laptop will only be covered if they fall under the parameters of your warranty. If your laptop cannot be fixed but is still covered by your warranty, Costco will replace it for you with a new unit.

Remember that any accidental damage (drops, spills, cracks, etc.) must be covered by an Allstate Protection Plan, which must be purchased separately and is not included in the purchase of your laptop. 

When you seek repair and/or replacement services through Costco, you will not be charged beyond the cost of your warranty coverage and the original purchase price of your item. 

Costco Laptop Warranty Reviews

Unfortunately, some Costco members aren’t terribly satisfied with their extended warranty coverage.

These Reddit users seem to agree that Costco’s extended laptop warranty leaves a lot to be desired:

Costco Laptop Warranty Review

Costco Laptop Warranty Review 1

But despite these negative experiences, not all stories about Costco’s laptop warranty are bad.

This Reddit user had a positive experience getting a Lenovo device replaced using a Costco extended warranty in 2019:

Costco Laptop Warranty Review 2

Some more positive feedback from the same thread:

Costco Laptop Warranty Review 3


What does Costco do with returned laptops?

Laptops and other electronics returned to Costco are returned to their respective vendors.

Are Costco laptops refurbished?

No. Costco does not sell any used or refurbished products. Claims that Costco’s electronics are refurbished are false.

Is it better to buy Apple products from Costco?

This depends. Costco certainly offers a range of deals and discounts on popular Apple products, so buying Apple products at Costco can sometimes save you money. For example, Costco is currently selling 2nd-generation Apple AirPods for just $89.99 as part of their Black Friday deals.

How long does AppleCare last from Costco?

1-2 years. Most Apple products come with one year of full hardware-repair coverage without needing to purchase AppleCare. However, if you purchase AppleCare+, you can extend your full coverage by two years from your purchase date. AppleCare+ now includes unlimited protection from accidental damages.

Does Costco have laptop insurance?

Yes. For $99.99, you can purchase 3-year “drops and spills protection” from Allstate Insurance through Costco when you purchase a computer for $500 or more.

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