Does Target Price Match Amazon?

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Do you love shopping at Target? Do you also love getting the best deals possible? Then this article is for you! Keep reading to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Target’s price matching policy and whether they will match the infamously low prices of Amazon.

Target price match

Yes, Target price matches You can view their full list of qualifying competitors here. Just remember that Target won’t match prices on pre-owned or used items or items with open packaging, which means that items purchased via Amazon Warehouse won’t qualify.

That’s no reason to doubt Target’s policies though. Unlike most other major retailers, Target offers its price matches and adjustments year-round, including during the holidays. That’s right! Even on Black Friday. You can read all about Target’s industry-leading Holiday Price Match Guarantee here.

What Exclusions Apply For the Price Match?

When it comes to price matching Amazon, Target does have a few restrictions. Unfortunately, Target does not price match Amazon Prime prices. They also exclude Amazon Fresh from their program and will not price match associated food items. Aside from that, everything else on is valid for price matching, as long as it does not fall under the exclusions list shown above.

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target’s price match policy is pretty extensive, so if you want all the details, you can check out their full Price Match Guarantee on their website. But if you don’t feel like combing through the fine print, we’ll give you a simple breakdown.

Most importantly, Target offers price matching with most major online retailers, including The company will match a competitor’s price if you purchase a qualifying item at a Target store or on, then find the same product for less from an online competitor or through a competitor’s printed local ad. Target stores will also price match if you find the same item for less online.

What Conditions Apply For Target To Price Match?

While Target does offer price matching with qualifying competitors, there are some limitations to the policy.

  • The price for an item must be listed and valid at the time of the price match. (In other words, you can’t say you saw something for cheaper and get it at that price. They will want proof.)
  • The items must be identical. Brand name, size, weight, model number, and color must all match in order for the item to qualify for a price match.
  • Target’s Price Match Guarantee no longer applies if more than 14 days have passed since the purchase of your item.
  • If you’re requesting a price match after the time of purchase, you must be able to provide a receipt (or packing slip for online orders).
  • While will match Target store prices and vice versa, Target stores will not price match items from other Target stores.
  • Alaska and Hawaii Target stores are excluded from all price matching.
  • Target reserves the right to limit the number of price matches they will guarantee per customer at any given store location.
  • Target will not match prices on coupon offers, loyalty cards, promotional codes, or credit or gift card offers
  • Target Plus™ Partners items do not qualify for price matching
  • Some items are excluded from price matching, including:
    • Clearance, closeout, or liquidation items
    • Items that are damaged or used
    • Items with open packaging
    • Refurbished, pre-owned, or rent/lease to own items
    • Promotional items
    • Items sold at % or $ off amounts
    • Non-branded items
    • Items with prices that only display on a competitor’s website after logging in
    • Contract mobile-phone devices or associated plans
    • Optical products
    • Services
    • Clinic or pharmacy purchases

Does Target Offer Price Adjustments?

Yes! Target offers both price matches and price adjustments. Wondering what the difference is? A price match applies to items found for lower prices through competitors, while price adjustments apply to items at a single store with prices that change over time. In other words, if you buy something at Target one day and then find the same item there a few days later for cheaper, you can request a price adjustment for the difference. Just be aware that Target will only adjust prices for items that have been purchased in-store within 14 days. Price adjustments also apply to items purchased online, but adjustment requests have to be directed to guest services at 1 (800) 591-3869.

How To Request A Price Match At Target?

A price match may be requested at the time of purchase or within 14 days of purchase.

Target price match for items purchased in-store can be completed at a point of sale or at the guest services desk at any Target store. You will need to speak to a cashier directly to show them the proof of list price and to verify your purchase, so you’ll need to visit a checkout lane (not self-check) or the guest services desk. For price matches of online purchases, contact guest services at 1 (800) 591-3869.

How To Show Proof Of A Lower Price From Amazon

Great question! Valid proof is considered a price listed on Amazon that is not a Prime price. You can pull the Amazon website up on your mobile device to show the cashier. As long as you do not have to log into your account in order for the price to appear, this will be considered valid. You can also print out a copy of the price as listed online, but the Target cashier you speak to will have the right to verify the documentation.

What Other Stores Does Target Price Match?

Target price matches nearly 30 major retailers. For a full list, click here, or view the screenshot below.

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