Does Home Depot Sell Sherwin Williams Paint? (Alternatives)

‌Home Depot is one of the largest retail chains in the world. It’s also a trendy place to buy paint and offers a wide selection of paint colors and brands at competitive prices. 

But can you buy Sherwin William paints at Home Depot? This post will answer this question and give insight on where to get your favorite Sherwin Williams paints. 

Home Depot Paint

Home Depot doesn’t sell Sherwin Williams paint. The paint is exclusively found and sold at Lowes through a partnership between the two retailers. You can find various paints at Home Depot, including interior paints, exterior paints, wood stains, marine paints, and other colors.

Does Home Depot Have Sherwin Williams Paint Samples?

Home Depot doesn’t carry Sherwin Williams paint samples nor sells its products. However, they offer samples from other brands such a—

  • Behr
  • Glidden
  • Diamond Brite paint
  • PPG
  • Harris Titanium

The samples are available in 8-ounce cans. You can buy samples of these colors online on or stick and peel sample kits.

What Paint Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot offers a wide range of paint colors, including latex and oil-based paints. The company also sells various specialty products such as sealers, primers, and stains. 

Home Depot’s Paint Brands

Home Depot carries the following brands:

  • Behr – produces high-quality interior and exterior paints and stains, primers, sealers, and concrete repair products. With a variety of lines, including Behr premium, Behr marquee, Behr premium plus, Behr ultra, Behr pro, and Behr dynasty, there’s a perfect paint or product for every project
  • Glidden –  offers a wide variety of paints for indoor and outdoor use. Their selection includes concrete paints, base paints, sealers, and stains. Glidden brand paints include Glidden essentials, Glidden diamond, Glidden duo, Glidden team colors, Glidden premium, Glidden professional, and Glidden trim and door
  • Rust-Oleum – is available in 12Oz cans, and you can purchase them as a single piece or in a 6-piece package. Their products include Rust-Oleum automotive, Rust-Oleum industrial choice, Rust-Oleum painter’s touch, Rust-Oleum professional, Rust-Oleum specialty, Rust-Oleum universal, and Rust-Oleum stops rust
  • PPG – is known for its high-quality primers, sealers, stains, and paints. Its line includes PPG Diamond, PPG Metallic Tones, PPG Timeless, and PPG ProLuxe
  • Varathane – its interior wood stains come in one-gallon, one-quart, and 8-ounce containers. You can choose from various colors like red mahogany, gunstock,early American, dark walnut, and espresso
  • Kilz – is a trusted name when it comes to primers. Their products are perfect for difficult surfaces, covering stains, and providing a sealant. Kilz primers dry quickly, are mildew and stain-resistant, and are also a good fire retardant. You can find Kilz primers in both one-gallon cans and 5-gallon buckets

Can Home Depot Match Sherwin Williams Paints?

Yes, Home Depot can match Sherwin Williams Paints. You can get a color match by bringing in your paint sample or entering the color name or number online.

If you have the Sherwin Williams paint swatch, bring it to your local Home Depot store, and they’ll match you. If you don’t have the sample with you, you can upload a photo of it online and compare it using Home Depot’s ProjectColor App

Are Home Depot Brands Better Than Sherwin Williams Paints?

Home Depot and Sherwin Williams Paints are both top-of-the-line paint manufacturers. Both have unique qualities that set them apart and appeal to different clientele. To better understand how they compare, let’s look at some of their features.

Home Depot Brands Paints vs. Sherwin Williams Paints Features

  • Cost –Home Depot brand paints are cheap and offer a wide range of colors and finishes. You can buy a gallon of Marquee paint for just $42. Sherwin Williams’ brands, such as Duration Home and Emerald are much more expensive, with the same gallon going for $67-$93.
  • Application – Home Depot paints are easy to apply, thanks to their smooth consistency. They also dry quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to apply another coating. Sherwin Williams’ brands also flow better when using a brush or a roller. You also don’t need to apply more coats. The paints give an excellent finish after one or two coats
  • Usage – Home Depot paint brands such as Behr are more popular among homeowners. Contractors mainly use Sherwin Williams’ paints 

If you want cheap and good-quality paints, go with Home Depot brands. But if you want something professional, go with Sherwin Williams’ brands.

Who Sells Sherwin Williams Paint?

You can purchase Sherwin Williams paints at its 4217 retail locations across the US, online, or via their app. The store locator tool on its website allows you to search for an outlet near you by entering your zip code or city name and state. You may also call customer service at +1 (800) 474-3794 if you can’t find a store nearby.

If you’re looking for Sherwin Williams paint but can’t make it to any of their stores, you can visit a Lowes outlet or online at You can also buy it slightly cheaper at the Walmart Marketplace.

How To Buy Paint at Home Depot

You can buy paint in-store or online at Home Depot. To buy in-store, 

  • Go to a Home Depot store near you
  • Carry a sample of the color you need
  • Go to one of the paint sample booths and have them match it for you
  • Pick your color at the store’s paints section. A store associate can help you with that
  • Go to the check-out section to pay for your paint

To buy the paint online, follow these steps;

  • Log in to your Home Depot account
  • Navigate to “All Departments”
  • Click on “Paints”
  • Click on the shopping cart icon to start shopping
  • Browse the items and add them to your cart. You can use Home Depot’s ProjectColor app to match the colors
  • Once done, choose your delivery option. Whether curbside pickup or home delivery
  • Proceed to check-out
  • Pay for the items to complete the transaction
  • Once done, you’ll receive an email confirming your order and delivery instructions


You cannot buy Sherwin Williams paints at Home Depot. Sherwin William’s paints are only available at Lowes through an exclusive partnership agreement between the two retailers. You can also get the paint at all Sherwin Williams outlets across the US.

Home Depot offers various brands like Behr, Rust-Oleum, PPG, and Glidden. Paint prices at Home Depot usually range from $14 to $200 per gallon.

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