Does Costco Sell Rad Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes is the largest brand of electric bicycles in the US. They’re known for selling affordable, high-quality electric bikes used for both recreation and commuting.

But can you buy a Rad Bike at Costco? Let’s find out!

Rad Bikes

Types of Rad Bikes Available At Costco

Unfortunately, Costco does not stock Rad Bikes as part of their year-round inventory in stores or online. However, they do host traveling sales events with Rad Power Bikes, enabling Costco members to purchase Rad Bikes at special prices directly from Rad reps during these events. (Costco’s popular touring sales events are commonly referred to as Costco Roadshow events.)

Despite some common misconceptions, Rad Power Bikes is not a Costco-owned brand. The companies are not affiliated, aside from the fact that Costco occasionally hosts sales events for Rad Bikes.

Unfortunately, Rad Power Bikes does not currently have any scheduled events at Costco in 2023. You can view the Rad Power Bikes event schedule page on here. Check the page often to find out if Rad Bikes will be visiting any Costco locations in 2023.

If you’re still invested in the idea of buying an electric bike at Costco, you’re not completely out of luck. Costco sells a couple of electric bike options from companies like SONDORS and Jetson. To browse electric bikes on, click here.

Electric Bikes Available At Costco

Currently, only has two electric bikes available–the Jetson Haze Electric Bike for $649.99 and the SONDORS Smart Step LTD Electric Bike for $1,499.99.

The SONDORS bike is clearly quite a bit more expensive, but this is because it has the following features…

  • Foldable for easy travel and storage
  • LED display
  • 5 pedal assist modes
  • USB charger port
  • 350 W motor

Compare this to the Jeston bike, which only has three pedal assist modes and 16” tires, which are quite small and only designed for mild commuting and city/suburban cruising. The Jetson bike is also foldable, but it does not come with a display screen or charger ports. That said, both bikes are equipped with the same type of motor. The Jeston bike holds a 4-star average customer rating from about 86 customer reviews while the SONDORS bike holds a 4.2-star average rating from about 500 customer reviews.

Licenses or permits are not required to operate an electric bicycle. However, depending on where you live, you might be required by law to wear a helmet while riding your bike. 

Are Rad Bikes Good?

Overall, Rad Power Bikes have a great reputation in the electric bicycle community. They’re known for being some of the most affordable electric bikes on the market without sacrificing too much on quality.

Rad Bikes even function well in the rain. In fact, Rad Power Bikes are designed in one of the rainiest cities in the country–Seattle, Washington. So, you can rest assured that your Rad Power Bike will function well in a wide range of weather conditions.

(It’s worth noting here that despite being a Seattle-based company, Rad Power Bikes outsources their manufacturing to China.)

Overall, Rad Power Bikes are known for being high quality, especially for the price. Rad Bikes are even featured in this YouTube video from Electric Bike Report, which details the top 10 best electric bikes according to experts.

That said, while Rad Power Bikes do have a good reputation, they aren’t necessarily known for being the top of the line. You can spend a lot more for something of even higher quality if you shop from companies like Prodeco, Aventon, or Specialized.

Commenters on this Reddit thread offer one consistent piece of advice: if you can afford to spend more on an electric bike, you probably should. But if you’re looking for something that’s decent quality for a reasonable price, Rad Bikes are a good option…

Alternative Stores That Sell Electric Bikes

You can buy electric bikes almost anywhere these days, including places like…

  • DICK’s Sporting Goods
  • REI
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon

However, if you’re in the market for an electric bike, you might want to check out your local independent sporting goods store or bike shop. Most towns and cities have small bike shops where you can shop for a range of electric bike models while supporting a local business. This is also a great way to be able to try out your bike and ask questions before making your purchase. Many bike shops even offer bike rentals, so that you can have a trial run with your bike before committing. That said, not all bike shops sell electric bikes.

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