Water Dispensers at Costco (Cost + Set-up)

Costco has a wide selection of water dispensers, including refrigerated and unrefrigerated models. Water dispensers are available in both countertops and under-the-counter models. Costco also sells replacement parts for all of the brands they carry.

Costco dispenser prices vary depending on the size, features, and brand. For example, you can get a Primo water dispenser for $39.99, a Drinkpod water dispenser for $299.99, and an Avalon countertop water dispenser for $349.99.

Costco Water Dispenser

One of Costco’s most popular water dispensers is the Culligan Bottom Load water dispenser. This tri-temp water dispenser gives chilled, room temperature, and piping hot water. It uses UVC LED technology to prevent bacterial growth, so you can be sure your family’s drinking safe water.

The push-button dispensing and easy activation makes it simple to use, and the two-step child-proof hot safety button is easy for little hands to operate. Its energy-saving on/off switch on the back helps you save money on your utility bills, and the commercial-grade stainless steel hot and cold water tank ensures you’ll never run out of clean water.

A large alcove fits several 1-liter bottles so that you can keep your household supplied with fresh drinking water at all times. The handle on the back makes it easy to transport and place where you need it. This unit is also convertible for direct connect applications.

How to Set Up a Costco Water Dispenser

The Costco water dispenser is an excellent way to save money on your water bill. You can set up your water dispenser by following these easy steps:

  • Unpack your unit and remove all packaging
  • Place your water dispenser on a level, dry surface within reach of a standard power outlet
  • Remove the protective plastic caps from the faucet handles and the detachable filter cover
  •  Install the water dispenser tank
  • Plug the water dispenser into an electrical outlet using the provided cord
  • Check the dispenser taps to see whether they are working
  • Switch on the power button at the back

How to Clean Your Costco Water Dispenser

You don’t need a lot of special equipment to clean your water dispenser. All that’s required is a wet cloth, soap and water, and maybe paper towels. Some people like to use vinegar as a disinfectant. But unless you have hard water deposits on the inside of your unit, there’s no reason you should have to use vinegar at all.

Cleaning your water dispenser is very easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Unplug the unit from the power source
  • Remove the water tank and rinse it with hot water
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the water tank
  • Remove the filter and rinse it with hot water
  • Clean the filter with a soft cloth or brush if necessary
  •  If you are using bottled water, please change the filter more frequently than if you were using tap water. This will ensure that your water tastes fresh and clean all year long

Can You Return A Water Dispenser To Costco?

Costco’s risk-free return policy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products. You can return your water dispenser at any time for a full refund or replacement. The store accepts returns on opened or unopened merchandise any time after purchase.

 The only exception to this rule is electronic equipment (TVs, computers) and major appliances such as dishwashers, microwaves, range hoods, washers, and dryers which you must return within 90 days of purchase.

Most Costco dispensers come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty period varies depending on the manufacturer. You’ll get a free two-year extended warranty if you buy your dispenser using the Costco Visa card. The extended warranty is through Costco’s concierge services and starts when the original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Is Buying A Costco Water Dispenser Worth It?

Costco customers love the convenience and price of their water dispensers. The reviews on Costco’s website include mixed feedback from people who use them every day.

Most positive reviewers loved their ease of use and easy set-up process. Most negative reviewers complained of faulty features such as poor filters that made the water taste metallic or plastic. Below are some of the customer reviews.

Costco Water Dispenser Reviews


Is a water dispenser better than bottled water?

Water dispensers are a great alternative to bottled water. Water from dispensers is also affordable compared to bottled water. Water dispensers also offer an eco-friendly solution to disposing of plastic bottles.

Which is better — top or bottom water dispenser?

Bottom loading water dispensers are better, especially for a home or small office. They take up less space than a top-loading one and are much cheaper. You can quickly load the water in them, so you won’t strain much. Bottom loading water dispensers also have fewer spillages than top-loading ones.

Can you rent a Costco water dispenser?

Costco rents water dispensers to its members through third-party suppliers. You can rent different types of water dispensers depending on your needs. For example, if you’re hosting an event, you might want to rent an extra-large unit rather than having to buy one from Costco outright.

What is the difference between a water dispenser and a cooler?

Water dispensers and coolers are both used to serve cold water, but they work differently. A water dispenser is a large vessel with a faucet at the front. You can install this type of dispenser in your kitchen or workplace and refill it from the tap.

A cooler is smaller than a dispenser but can still hold several gallons of water. It usually has an ice compartment and a separate container for storing chilled water. The cooler is suitable for outdoor parties or picnics where you need to keep drinks cool for more extended periods.

Does Costco have a water refill station?

Costco doesn’t have water refill stations but works with ReadyRefresh – a third-party company – to offer water refill services to its members. The company picks up the empty three and five-gallon bottles, sanitizes them, and then refills them. They also provide water delivery services to Costco members. 


Costco sells a variety of water dispensers and water coolers to its members. You can buy the dispensers at any physical Costco location or on costco.com. Their prices vary depending on the brand, size, and specifications. Most dispensers at Costco range from $39.99 up to $400.00

Costco stocks various types of dispensers, such as top loading or bottom loading, depending on your needs and specifications. The retailer also works with third-party companies to provide water refill and delivery services to Costco members.

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