Aldi Is Out Here Killing the Comforter Game With These Velvet Beauties

These Aldi Crushed Velvet Comforters will bring fresh style to your bedroom this winter!

Once upon a time in early 2020, sandwiched between the Aldi rug runner craze and the toilet paper shortage, there was a brief moment in time we here at like to refer to as the Porn Comforter Fascination.

That’s right, we said Porn Comforter.

crushed velvet comforters

Aldi introduced these soft, shiny, crushed velvet comforters, and they quickly became a must-have. Aisle of Shame Community members also quickly realized that they were reminiscent of the kind of thing you might see on the set of a 1970s porn movie.

(Side note: We can’t recommend Googling “porn comforter” to see images of these beauties. Our eyes are still singed.)

So, Aldi did what Aldi does … and has brought these popular comforters back for 2021!

Crushed Velvet Comforters

crushed velvet comforter

These Huntington Home Crushed Velvet Comforters are due in stores for the ad week of Feb. 3 (Jan. 31 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover). Plush textures are still on trend for bedding, and these comforters from Aldi do not disappoint in the style department!

They are available in Queen or King sizes, and they include the two matching pillow shams.

We’ll cut right to the heart of the matter: The price of these beauties is just $29.99!

Aldi Velvet Quilt Introduced

In addition to the crushed velvet comforters, Aldi is also bringing out a crushed velvet quilt this year, and we love this look!

aldi gray velvet quilt

The quilt also comes as a set that includes two matching pillow shams.

Aisle of Shame Approved

Last year, Aisle of Shamer Mary Pratt was able to get her hands on one of these beauties a little early! In fact, she says she bought it right off the stocking cart as the employees at her Aldi were putting them out!

crushed velvet comforters

Mary used the comforter to help stage her home while she had it up for sale.

aldi velvet comforter

The Aldi Finds this week also include coordinating microfiber sheet sets, bamboo pillows and sculpted blankets, as part of a “bedroom refresh” line. We’re definitely down for this crushed velvet comforter craze! Are you?


    • never heard back you guys wrote a whole article about this but theres no where you an actually buy it

      • It’s no longer in stores. I have a king size silver set. I‘ta Ben used and washed once. In perfect condition. No tears, holes, or rips. I’d be happy to sell it to you. I can post it on Poshmark, maybe?

        • Oh look at you trying to help her and the silver is absolutely gorgeous I have a queen size set that actually just picked up from the thrift store dated 2019 on the tag the two shams are fabulous I’m telling you it was my favorite color on my life and this just verified I needed it needed it Gloria you’re such a sweetheart

        • They are hotcakes my all D’s don’t have them be nice everybody in the world we live in and how we speak projects what the future will bring as soon as minutes after our words are spoken

    • Gloria has one. Even though it says 2999 I know you were going to pay a lot more in the future because triple the price as this might be one of the new vintage fine lol

  1. I love this I’ll of Yes I’m speaking in the microphone so it’s not coming out clear but it’s more clear than my eyes ha ha ha ha anyway I love it here thank you

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