Aldi Is Giving Us Things We Didn’t Even Know We Want, Like Craft Beer Sauerkraut

We’re thinking about trying this craft beer sauerkraut on fish tacos!

Fermented foods — which have been around for centuries — are riding a trend right now, and if there’s one thing Aldi is great at, it’s jumping on a food trend!

Enter artisanal sauerkraut. Unlike the typical grocery store fare, which is pasterurized, artisanal sauerkraut is lacto-fermented. That means it could have some health benefits because of the live probiotics fermented foods contain.

It’s also delicious! And for the week of Oct. 14 (Oct. 11 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover), Aldi is bringing us artisanal sauerkraut in a couple of unique flavors.

craft beer sauerkraut

Saverne Artisanal Craft Beer Sauerkraut and Saverne Artisanal Sriracha Sauerkraut will be in stores for $1.89 a jar.

sriracha sauerkraut

If you’ve relegated your sauerkraut in the past to hot dogs and reuben sandwiches, you’ll want to branch out about with this hipster stuff!

Try eating your sauerkraut on burgers, burritos, and in all kinds of sandwiches and wraps.

Sauerkraut will work anywhere a pickle would — also give it a try on salads, in a grilled cheese, or on top of a baked potato.

Will you try this craft beer sauerkraut? How about the sriracha one?

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Have you seen all the yummy food finds in store for the week of Oct. 14?!

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