Why Are Pendleton Blankets So Cheap At Costco?

Over the past several years, Costco has stocked a few different varieties of Pendleton blankets, including a fleece “Sherpa” blanket and their new packable Pendleton blanket, intended for travel and to be used outdoors.

This new packable blanket is special because it’s machine washable, lightweight, and super affordable. Most Pendleton blankets have to be dry cleaned, so this is definitely a bonus!

Currently, Costco’s packable Pendleton blankets are priced at $29.99 and are available online.

Costco Pendleton Blanket

Why Are Pendleton Blankets So Cheap At Costco?

If you know anything about Pendleton blankets, then you’re probably wondering how Costco can get away with charging such a low price for these legendary blankets.

Well, there’s sort of a catch. Costco’s packable Pendleton blankets aren’t exactly traditional.

While Pendleton blankets are famous for being made of real wool milled in Portland, Oregon, the company has actually expanded their production and product line in recent years, adding the use of synthetic materials and outsourcing manufacturing overseas for certain products.

The Pendleton blankets sold at Costco are made in China out of polyester, which is a synthetic fiber made of plastic. This definitely explains the low price tag when compared to USA-made wool Pendleton blankets, which can go for several hundred dollars elsewhere.

How To Wash Costco Pendleton Blankets

Costco Pendleton Blanket dual color

Aside from the low price tag, the other huge benefit of buying the Pendleton blanket sold at Costco is that it’s machine washable. Unlike traditional Pendleton blankets which can only be dry cleaned or spot cleaned, Costco’s Pendleton blanket is made of polyester and can be washed on a cold, gentle cycle.

Simply throw it in the washer (preferably on its own, especially if your blanket has any white areas in its design), run a gentle cycle with cold water, and voila!

Here are some extra tips for washing your polyester Pendleton blanket:

  • Only use non-chlorine bleach when needed
  • Tumble dry low
  • Do not wring
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean

Costco Pendleton Blanket Reviews

Overall, the Pendleton packable blanket available at Costco has gotten great reviews. In fact, of 521 reviews on Costco.com, 97% of customers gave this item a 4- or 5-star review. That’s pretty impressive!

Costco Pendleton Blanket Reviews 1

The only recurring complaint we’ve seen so far is that the polyester material doesn’t feel as cozy as one might expect from a Pendleton blanket.

Costco Pendleton Blanket Review 2

Based on these reviews, we would definitely recommend this blanket as an outdoor adventure item rather than something to snuggle up in for a nap.


Which Pendleton blanket is the warmest?

The warmest Pendleton blankets are the kinds made of real wool. The Pendleton blankets currently sold at Costco are made of polyester and will not provide nearly as much warmth.

Will Costco get Pendleton blankets again?

Costco is currently selling Pendleton blankets as of 2022.

Can you wash a Pendleton blanket in a machine?

While many Pendleton blankets are made of wool and should not be washed in a machine, the Pendleton blankets sold at Costco are made of polyester. The polyester kind can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle.

Are the Pendleton blankets at Costco real?

Yes. The Pendleton blankets sold at Costco are produced by the Pendleton company. However, Pendleton blankets are famous for being made in the USA and made of wool, whereas the blankets sold at Costco are made in China and are made of polyester.

Are Pendleton blankets collectible?

Some are, but these tend to be the vintage blankets made in the USA of 100% wool. The polyester Pendleton blankets sold at Costco are not considered collector’s items.

Are Pendleton blankets made in China?

While most Pendleton blankets are made in the USA, the Pendleton blankets sold at Costco are made in China.


The key thing to know about Costco’s Pendleton blankets is that they’re made of polyester and produced in China, unlike traditional Pendleton blankets. That said, they are still genuine Pendleton, as they are produced by the Pendleton company and sold wholesale by Costco.

These blankets work perfectly as a picnic blanket or something to sit on or wrap up in at a sports game. They’re not quite as ideal for getting cozy or using indoors. They’re machine washable, lightweight, and, of course, packable. And they get great reviews!

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