Costco Return Policy for Jewelry (In-store + Online)

If you purchase jewelry at Costco and later change your mind, can you return it? This post will cover Costco’s return policy on jewelry, the return process, and more.

Costco Jewelry Return Policy

Costco has a no-questions-asked return policy, which means you can return any jewelry at any time. As long as the item you bought at Costco was damaged or defective upon purchase, you can get a refund or exchange. Costco will, however, not accept returns on custom-made items or personalized jewelry unless they are defective or different from what was ordered.

What Jewelry Can You Return to Costco?

Here are some types of jewelry that you can return to Costco:

  •  Earrings
  •  Necklaces
  •  Rings
  • Bracelets

Can You Return Jewelry to Costco After 90 Days?

You can return most items, including jewelry purchased at Costco, after 90 days for a full refund or exchange. Costco has a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee as per its return policy that doesn’t set time limits on the acceptable return period for items purchased at the warehouse.

How to Return Jewelry to Costco  

Costco has a no-questions-asked policy on all returns, which means you can bring back any item at any time. Costco will even let you return items purchased online and get an in-store credit or refund.

For Costco to accept your jewelry return, you’ll need the original paperwork that proves that the item is authentic. You can do this by providing a GIA or IGI report for each piece of jewelry that’s 1.00 carat or more. A Costco graduate gemologist will then inspect the jewelry within 48 hours of return to authenticate it.

How does the refund work?

Upon returning the jewelry, Costco will issue a credit memo in the refund amount. Before Costco processes your refund, your jewelry goes through the verification process, which can take up to five days. Once verification is complete, Costco will process your refund through the payment mode you used at the time of purchase. You can use the refund at any time in any Costco store or on

Returning Jewelry Purchased at Costco Store

To return jewelry purchased at a Costco store, follow these steps:

  • Go to any Costco warehouse location near you
  •  Remember to carry the necessary paperwork, such as the original receipt (not compulsory) and the IGI or GIA report if the jewelry is one carat or more
  • Head to the store’s customer service desk and present the items
  • You’ll receive a credit memo as your items go for verification within 48 hours
  • A Costco graduate gemologist will verify the authenticity of the jewelry
  • After the verification process is complete (which may take up to five days), Costco will process your refund through your original payment method

Returning Jewelry Purchased at Costco Online

To return jewelry purchased at Costco online, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Costco account
  •  Go to Orders & Returns
  • Search for the relevant order you purchased the jewelry with
  • Click on the Return items button next to the order
  • Check the box next to the item you are returning
  •  Click on Return or replace selected items
  • Provide a reason for the return
  • Choose whether both the item and the box are damaged
  •  Choose whether you want a refund or replacement
  • Check the box that you agree to return the item within 30 days and click on Continue
  • Choose your preferred UPS return method – whether you want them to pick up the item from you or you drop it off at a UPS location
  • Click on Submit return
  • You’ll receive a return label via email that has an address of where to ship the jewelry
  • Print the label and attach it to the item and ship it to the address printed on it

Once Costco has received your return, they’ll process the refund once verification is complete. Shipping and handling fees are also refunded when returning items online. However, refunds for items returned online may take longer than those returned in-store.

Alternatively, you can contact Costco customer service at +1 (800) 955-2292 and give them the following information;

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Your phone number
  • The reason for return
  • Your order confirmation number
  • Confirm whether the credit card used during the purchase is still active. Costco will process your refund using the original payment method

Once Costco receives the information, they’ll arrange for pick up through UPS. The jewelry will then go to a Costco fulfillment center for verification. This return method takes a bit longer (up to two weeks) due to the shipping time and verification process. Once Costco verifies your jewelry’s authenticity, they’ll process the refund immediately.

Can you Return Jewelry to Costco Without a Receipt?

Costco doesn’t require a receipt for jewelry returns or exchanges, thanks to its risk-free 100% guarantee. However, the store requires your membership number and the credit card used at purchase.

If you don’t have the original receipt, the store can look up your recent purchases based on your membership number. You’ll also need to carry the relevant documents given at the time of purchase which includes;

  • GIA Diamond Grading Report – you’ll get this report when you purchase a diamond that is 1.00 carat or larger. The report comes from the Gemological Institute of America and provides the details and mapping of the diamond
  • Costco Article of Description – it is written by a Costco Gemologist and is given if you buy a diamond less than 1.00 carat. It provides details of the jewelry but doesn’t give an estimated value of the piece
  • Jewelry Grading/Gemological Report – you’ll get this report once you buy a 1.00-carat center diamond or larger. The document outlines the details of the jewelry, including its grading and gemological report. It, however, doesn’t give a monetary value appraisal

Returning jewelry at Costco without a receipt is relatively simple. You’ll need to go through one of the return aisles at customer service. Once there, tell an employee that you’re returning jewelry without a receipt, and they’ll ask for confirmation of your Costco membership number to process your return.


Can you return damaged jewelry to Costco?

If you purchase a piece of jewelry at Costco and then find that it’s damaged or broken, you can return it for a refund or replacement. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before returning your jewelry:

  • Costco doesn’t allow returns on items that have been worn or damaged by the customer. If the piece is broken or damaged when you purchase it from the store, you can return it for a full refund or replacement. A Costco store manager will ultimately make the final decision on whether to accept the return depending on the circumstances of the damage
  • You must carry the necessary certificates – GIA/IGI for Costco to accept your return

Can you return jewelry to Costco after 2 years?

Yes, you can return jewelry to Costco after 2 years. Costco has a very liberal return policy that doesn’t set time limits on returns except for electronics. However, Costco warns customers against taking advantage of this return policy by returning damaged items after a long time as this may be taken as fraud.

Can a non-member return jewelry to Costco?

Unfortunately, Costco doesn’t process returns of jewelry purchased by non-members. If you aren’t a Costco member and need to return jewelry, you’ll have to ask the member who bought it to make the return for you. They need to carry their membership card/number and the credit card used at purchase. Also, Costco doesn’t process store credits for jewelry purchased by non-members.

Can you return diamond jewelry after 48 hours?

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return a piece of diamond jewelry to Costco within 48 hours. You don’t need a receipt for this type of return. But you do need to have the relevant documents given at the time of purchase if the item is 1.00 carat and over.

Does Costco have insurance on jewelry?

Costco doesn’t provide insurance on jewelry. If you purchase jewelry from Costco, you need to get your own insurance to cover your jewelry’s damages, loss, or theft.

Does Costco jewelry have a warranty?

Costco jewelry comes with a warranty that covers defects in workmanship or materials and replacement or repair of defective items. The warranty applies to all purchases made at Costco warehouses or online through their website at (not including special orders). Costco will refund or replace your item if you find any defects at no additional cost.


Costco has a liberal return policy that allows you to return your jewelry any time after purchase. You can return jewelry at any Costco warehouse location nearest to you, even if you bought it at another Costco store. You can also return jewelry online at

To return jewelry to Costco, ensure you carry the necessary documentation given at purchase for all pieces 1.00 carat and above. Remember to have your Costco membership number and the credit card used at purchase.

A Costco graduate gemologist will first verify the authenticity of your jewelry within 48 hours of return. Your refund is only processed after the verification process and may take longer for online returns.

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