Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows? This Aldi S’Mores Hack is Life Changing

These chocolate stuffed marshmallows take part of the mess out of eating s’mores!

Nothing says summer like s’mores, right? You’re gathered around a campfire with your family and friends, talking, laughing, roasting marshmallows…

Then you have to top the flaming hot, molten marshmallow with a chocolate square while it melts, and put it all between two graham crackers.

It’s delicious, but it’s also a gooey, gloppy mess, and someone always winds up with chocolate dripping down their t-shirt.

Enter this genius new S’mores hack arriving in Aldi stores this week.

Chocolate stuffed marshmallows

Stuffed puffs look like your average jumbo marshmallow, but inside, they are filled with a creamy milk chocolate core. They’re perfect for s’mores making because the chocolate is contained, and it melts in tandem with the marshmallow.

In case you hadn’t figured this out already, we’re really enamored with the chocolate stuffed marshmallows idea.

This Aldi Find is due in stores on June 24. An 8.6-ounce bag of Stuffed Puffs is priced at $2.99.

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