This Anthropologie Candle Dupe Is A Fraction Of The Price At Aldi

The Aldi Anthropologie Candle Dupe is back in confetti glass!

Anthropologie Candle Dupe from Aldi

If there’s one thing Aisle of Shame fans can rally around at Aldi, it’s the candles.

Aldi candles are such great quality for the price, and they often sell out on the first day they are in store.

Aldi offers us collections of its 3-wick candles throughout the year. But a handful of times during select seasons, Aldi brings us other varieties of candles, including an Anthropologie Capri Blue dupe!

Yes, you heard us— Aldi has Anthropologie candle dupes and they’re hitting shelves October 6, 2021!

The Huntington Home Designer Jar Candles come in gorgeous jars with a trendy shape and a confetti glass finish.

They are available in three colors and fragrances:

  • Paradise Cliff (White) – Sugared citrus & tropical fruits with red currant and blood orange.
  • Petals & Champagne (Pink) – Champagne fizz layered over tartruby grapefruit and fresh raspberry with freesia petals and sweet musk.
  • Tranquil Rain (Blue) – Aromatic elements of wild euchalyptus, rain-kissed sag, and crushed rosemary infused with warm spice undertones and transparent musk.

These candles are 17 ounces versus the 19oz Antro version and are made with a soy blend wax.

Best of all is the price— While the Anthropologie Capri Blue candles are $34, Aldi’s price for the Anthropologie Candle Dupe is just $8.99! We’re telling you now if you want these Huntington Home Designer Jar Candles, get to Aldi early this Wednesday.

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  1. I bought six for myself! I love the paradise cliff. All 6 scents I got were this scent. I might have made someone angry because I took the last ones! Can’t beat this dupe!

  2. Mulled Cider scent is wonderful! I wish I could get another one even though it’s January! I kept the container, so pretty.

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