All the Best Food Finds Coming to Aldi in August

Are you ready for all the best Aldi Food Finds for August? As always we have a sneak peek at the newest Aldi foods coming for the month ahead!

This month we have new vegan, gluten-free and Asian-inspired items as well as the first sign of pumpkin and fall with Pumpkin Cheesecake Drizzled Caramel Corn!

Our list notes the ad date that these items should be in stores. Keep in mind that some stores may stock shelves a day or two early in preparation for the ad, and other stores stock later due to shipping delays.

> Not sure which day of the week your local store’s ad starts? Read What Is the Best Day to Shop At Aldi? <<

Here’s our list of the best August Aldi Food Finds for 2022!

Available 8/3 – $2.49

Available 8/3 – $4.99

Available 8/3 – $2.49

Available 8/10 – $2.99

Available 8/10 – $4.49

Burman’s Indian Sauces

Available 8/10 – $3.39

Available 8/17 – $4.99

Available 8/17 – $5.99

Earth Grown Non Dairy Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

Available 8/17 – $3.99

Available 8/17 – $2.99

Available 8/24 – $2.99

Available 8/24 – $4.69


Available 8/31 – $4.79

Available 8/31 – $2.29

PurAqua Sparkling Cocktail Mixers Assorted Varieties

Available 8/31 – $2.99


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