The Look for Less: These Aldi Yellow Sandals are a Target Dupe!

These Aldi yellow sandals are the best vacation wear! 

If you’re planning a summer getaway, Aldi has you covered this week with all sorts of items for the beach — there are beach chairs, beach toys, and, of course, beach fashion.

Fashion? At Aldi? Say it ain’t so.

That’s right. If you aren’t checking out the Aldi fashion, you’re missing out.

Members of the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group have been raving about the swimsuits available last week. Before that, there were maxi dresses, and then there were the cute rainboots…

But hold up here. Now we’re talking about sandals.

Aldi has these yellow cuties available this week for just $7.99. They’re modeled here by Aldi AOS Facebook fan Christina Bland. Aren’t her toes cute?

Aldi yellow sandals

Christina says these are her new faves, and we have to agree. We’re declaring yellow the new neutral this summer and wearing them with everything.

And lo and behold, on a little outing today, we spotted these suspiciously similar yellow slide sandals at Target.

Target yellow sandals

We can’t tell much of a difference in the overall look, can you?

Where we CAN tell a difference, though, is in the price!

The Target yellow sandals are $27.99.

The Aldi yellow sandals? Why, they’re just $7.99!

Aldi for the win!

These Serra Ladies Summer Sandals come in Women’s Sizes 7-10, and they are in the Aldi Finds ad that starts June 10.

There are two other sandal styles available for $7.99 this week:

Aldi brown sandals

These Serra brown sandals have an asymmetrical look. They are available in sizes 8-9.5.

Aldi black ankle wrap sandals

And these black sandals wrap around the ankle. They are available in Women’s sizes 8-9 only.



  1. I wish our poor little local Aldi had some of the AOS finds. We hardly ever get any of the “good stuff”!!

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