ALL the Lemon Items Coming to Aldi in July

We are saving our pennies for all the Aldi Lemon Items arriving soon!


Aldi lemon items in JulyWe were thinking it was just us. We had noticed a certain zest to some of the Aldi Aisle of Shame Items that came out earlier this spring…

First, there were the cute lemon boots and matching umbrella.


Aldi lemon boots

Then came a lemon apron and a fresh lemon 3-wick candle.

And then the new summer quarter keepers were released, and they included this lemon slice…

Aldi lemon quarter keeper

It all seemed … so … lemony.

And now that the new Aldi Ad Preview has dropped, we know without a doubt that we weren’t wrong in sensing a theme!

A ton of Aldi Lemon Items are on the way — and it’s for a good cause!

From July 1st – July 14th, shoppers are invited to purchase lemon themed items with the Alex’s Lemonade Stand logo. For every item purchased, ALDI will make a donation to families with children battling cancer, up to $1 million. This fundraising effort is part of ALDI’s commitment to support health and hunger-related issues in our communities.

Let’s take a looksie at all the lemon foods and goodies, shall we? We’ve got all the Aldi Lemon Items in this post. Make your shopping list now!

Aldi Collapsible Box Bag – $5.99

Aldi lemon box bag

Crofton Soap Dispenser or Sponge Holder – $3.99

Aldi lemon soap dispenser

Joie Lemon Bag Clips, Ties or Sink Strainer – $2.69

Aldi lemon bag clips

Crofton Lemon Casserole Dish – $8.99

Crofton Lemon Casserole Dish

Boulder Lemon Tableware Assortment – 89 cents

Aldi lemon tableware

Mixade Lemonade Mix – $5.99

Mixade lemonade drink mix

Elevation Pure & Simple Bars in Lemon or Lemon Raspberry – $3.99

Lemon Elevation Bars

Simply Nature Lemonade or Blackberry Lemonade Apple Sauce Pouches – $1.49

Blackberry lemonade applesauce pouches

Clancy’s Lemon Drizzled Kettle Corn – $1.99

Lemon drizzled kettle corn at Aldi

Nonni’s Biscotti Limone – $2.95

Limone Biscotti

Emporium Selection Lemon Wensleydale Cheese – $3.99

wensleydale cheese with limoncello

Emporium Selection English Lemon Stilton – $3.49

Lemon Stilton

Nature’s Nectar Cucumber Watermelon or Mango Lemonade – $1.89

Aldi watermelon cucumber lemonade

Nature’s Nectar Backyard Lemonades in Strawberry Rhubarb or Meyer Lemon – $2.29

Aldi strawberry rhubarb lemonade

Nature’s Nectar Frozen Lemonade – $1.19

Aldi lemonade concentrate

Sundae Shoppe Alex’s Lemonade Stand Bars – $2.49

Frozen lemonade bars

 Bake Shop Mini Lemon Cake Bites – $3.89

Aldi lemon cake bites

Benton’s Lemon Cookie Thins – $2.39

Lemon Cookie Thins

Moser Roth Lemon Chocolate Truffles – $2.99

Lemon chocolate truffles

These items are due in store July 1! How much of this lemony goodness is on your list?

Join our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community to talk about your favorite Aldi lemon items!


  1. Noooo most of them are already here!! Better hurry before they sell out!! While supplies last!! And please: there’s no “s” in ALDI

  2. Have been to 3 local Aldi’s. Cannot find Mixade lemon ade mix in stock. One clerk said they are no longer carrying it. Please clear this up for me. Can this product be purchase online orat other retailers? Thanks. JJ. Ac 60056

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