Keto Bagels – The BEST Aldi Find EVER?!

Just when we thought the Aldi keto game couldn’t get any stronger, they come out with KETO BAGELS!! 

aldi keto bagels

L’oven Fresh Keto Friendly Bagels

Aldi never disappoints! When Aldi released their keto bread it was huge news – the low-carb bread was so popular that it quickly flew off store shelves and went out of stock for months. Eventually, we got the bread back and it’s now an Aldi staple item.

A slice of keto bread is one thing, but a BAGEL!? We’re shocked and excited that Aldi is able to deliver keto-friendly bagels with zero guilt…at a wallet-friendly price of only $3.99 for 5 keto-certified bagels!

keto bagels from aldi

L’oven Fresh Keto-Friendly Bagels have the scrumptious, doughy deliciousness of a bagel with a satisfying 11g of protein and only 2g of net carbs per serving.

While the bagels are branded as keto, they fit perfectly into any low-carb, healthier eating and/or vegan lifestyle.

We plan on toasting L’oven Fresh Keto-Friendly Bagels before spreading with cream cheese and sprinkling with Aldi Everything Bagel seasoning for a classic bagel taste without any of the guilt.

These keto bagels are also a fantastic base for an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich… but the sky is really the limit for their uses!


aldi keto-friendly bagels

L’oven Bagel Varieties

Although the L’oven brand of baked goods are regularly available in US Aldi Stores, the keto bagels were introduced as an Aldi Special Find on August 11, 2021. They were again featured in February 2022.

The regionally baked L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels are typically priced at $2.39 although prices may vary by location. They are available in packages of 6 bagels in a variety of flavors which include:

  • Plain
  • Everything
  • Cinnamon Raisin Swirl
  • Blueberry
  • Wholewheat
  • Multigrain
  • Multigrain with Cranberries and seeds are seasonal

Where Do These L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels Come From?

As with most Aldi brands it is often hard to imagine how they do it? Bimbo is the largest bakery in the USA. They run over 60 regional bakeries throughout the country and supply fresh baked goods to over 11,000 retail outlets.

The phenomenal growth of Bimbo Bakeries includes absorbing some of the biggest and most established names in US bakery products. THOMAS’, SaraLee, and Stroehmann are among the more than a dozen brands that has made Bimbo Bakeries into the largest baker of fresh name brand and private label goods in the USA,

As of 2015 Bimbo Bakeries has been delivering fresh baked products to the more than 2000 Aldi locations. Bimbo Bakeries is known to bake and deliver private label store brands from their regional bakeries which may include any one of their 60 regional bakeries depending on delivery logistics and production capabilities.

What is known for sure is that Aldi prides itself on quality control and a high expectation for the products it delivers to its shoppers under its private labels. Rest assured that the Aldi baked goods aisle is stocked with fresh baked products that are delivered regionally.

L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels Ingredients

The ingredients listed on the L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels plain bagel package is water, modified wheat starch, wheat protein isolate, oat fiber, wheat gluten, soybean oil, wheat bran, contains 2% or less of the following: inulin, yeast, vinegar, salt, preservatives (calcium propionate, sorbic acid). Flavored varieties may include poppy seeds, garlic, salt, cinnamon, raisins, and wheat.

Personal tastes affect the ratings, but most consumers agree that all the featured varieties of the keto bagels at Aldi’s are fresh and tasty.

Selected Nutritional Values 

The Nutritional Label on the L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels Plain Bagel Package states that a serving size is one bagel and supplies 90 calories which contains 11 grams of protein.

Are Aldi L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels In Stock?

Currently this fan-favorite is available only as an Aldi Find throughout the year. The high demand and quick sellouts every time that this Aldi Special Find is featured may lead to a permanent space in the bread aisle along with other keto baked goods. Consumers who would like to see these keto bagels as a regular choice in the Aldi baked goods aisle can contact them to let them know.

Best Alternatives Low Carb Keto Bagels

Consumers without access to one of the 2000 Aldi locations or just can’t wait for the return of the Aldi Special Find L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels might try some other recommended consumer favorites.

1) ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Bagels 

This zero net carb has a keto following who consistently rate it as a 5-star choice. ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Bagels are available at leading retailers as well as online. These bagels come in at 90 calories each and are a zero net carb alternative to the Aldi Keto Bagel.

2) Sola 7G Net Carb Bagels

Sola brand bagels offer a 7G net carb bagel in a variety of flavors. Consumers can find six-packs of bagels that feature 18g of protein at major retailers or buy online from the Sola company website.

3) Low Carb NY Style Sea Salted Bagels

These New York-style boiled bagels are a no sugar diabetic-friendly fresh basked keto bagel available in three packs. Made by LC Foods these bagels are available fresh or frozen from a variety of retailers including Amazon and Walmart.  They feature only 2 net carbs per bagel half.

Other Healthy Low Carb food finds at Aldi

Aldi locations throughout the US have a wide selection of low carb food options for people who follow special diets and for healthy eating. These include:

  • L’oven Fresh Keto-Friendly Wheat or Multiseed Bread
  • Fremont Fish Market Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp
  • Simply Nature 100% Grass-Fed 85% Lean Ground Beef
  • Fit & Active Low Carb Tortillas
  • Simply Nature Cauliflower Crackers

Throughout the store and in the Aldi Special Finds Aisle shoppers always have a selection of keto and low carb options to prepare meals and snacks for anytime of the day.

Is there an Aldi Keto Bagel shortage?

Contrary to consumer belief, there is not a shortage of these keto bagels. They are so popular that when they are available, they quickly sell out. This is a case of the early bird catches the worm. When they are featured in the weekly circular and are a part of the Aldi Special Finds feature there are early shoppers waiting to snap them up.

So are Aldi Bagels ANY Good?

The low carb Aldi Keto Bagels are fresh and nutritious. The price point of this 6 pack of keto friendly product is priced below other similar low carb bagels. Judging from years of consumer reviews, all the varieties of L’oven Fresh® Keto Bagels from Adli hit the bullseye for taste, value and freshness, making them a favorite among consumers.


  1. I just bought these today. They were so good. I had to google it just to make sure the net carb or package wasn’t a misprint! 2 net carbs for a WHOLE bagel? And doesn’t cost $10 for 3-4? Totally a winner in my book!

  2. What are the ingredients in Aldo keto-friendly bagels? I would like to know nutrition facts. Thanks.

  3. How can i order these . Al the Aldi stores in my area do not have them I want to order to have them delivered to my home at least 4 packages

    • We have tried them, very good for low carb. Cannot find them at any local Aldis stores. A friend bought them at Aldis in Pittsburgh area. Can these be ordered an shipped directly?

  4. I bought some and regret not buying several packages. Does anyone know when they’ll be back? Yes, they are on eBay for $10 per package!

  5. where can I find the Keto Friendly Bagels? I bought a package and when I went back I was told that they were out of it and probably will not carry them that it was a special order.

  6. These Keto Bagels need to be a staple at Aldi. There are thousands of diabetics that need low carb bread products. Why would they only offer this for a limited time? Seriously people! Increase your production and keep all Aldi’s stocked.

  7. Please put the keto bagels in all your stores. i come for your breads, then i purchase other things. if you can’t keep the low carb bread in stock, i will have to shop elsewhere.

  8. Please explain, on front of the package of the Keto bagels and on internet it says they have 2 carbs yet when I look at the nutritional info on back of bâclage it clearly states 34 carbs in 1 bagel. Why the discrepancy??

    • You always subtract the fiber and the sugar alcohol from the total carb to get net carbs. Net carbs are what you want to count. So 32 total carbs, minus 29g of fiber and minus the 1g of sugar alcohol gives you 2 Net carbs

  9. I found these Keto Bagels by chance close to the register when checking out. I bought 3 pkgs.. I buy the keto bread consistently…. When I tasted the bagel I wanted to jump up and down in my car.. they are absolutely the best keto bagels.anywhere. but now I find they’re gone. I went to 4 different Aldi the other day searching. Not one employee knew what happened to them. I researched, frantically when I got home to find that they were a FIND…you have to bring these back. I’m positive they will be a huge seller. They’re amazing!!!

  10. These bagels are incredible – so good and light but satisfying. Please tell me they will be back. Won’t be able to replace them. I have also been trying to find online but no luck – please put some back on the shelves. Thank youo

  11. I bought 4 bags of the bagels, all they had. I was so excited because I could make pizzas, etc. I am diabetic and able to completely control this awful side effect of my chemo. I am watching like a hawk to find them again. Please Aldi, we love your bread and hamburger buns. Please give us back your bagels and have hotdogs in the future. I love brats, but better on a bun.

  12. The zero carb bagels are unbelievable you have to bring them back . The are great for people on low carb diets .
    Please please please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Please return the Aldi keto bagels! Our WW group has been looking for them. I have looked at at least ten different Aldi’s and can’t find them at all. They were the BEST! Please bring them back!!

  14. My son and I both follow a low-carb diet. These keto bagels were the best thing that ever happened for our diets. They are amazing! The price point is spot on. I just found out today that they were an Aldi find and we will never have them again. I think I’m going to cry as I am craving one right now! Please bring these back!

  15. BRING THEM BACK! We all screamed until the bread became a regular item, now for bagels! Type 1 diabetic and first guilt free bagel ever!

  16. as a diabetic these were a godsend!! I love the bread and have been missing the bagels since they were only available that one week. I wish I had bought more than the 4 i bought. And lately I can’t get the burger buns either. Please Aldi, bring back the bagels and the buns and make hot dog buns!! this has been a game changer for me.

  17. I tried these and loved them. Please please please make these a regular item. I would order them if there is way to do it. Hope to see them regularly.

  18. OMG! these were so so good! and another thing that I loved are how low on calories, perfect if your in a caloric deficit. I’m just so upset these aren’t available anymore I’ve gone to several Aldi just to find these but there never in stock anymore ;(

  19. I too loved the Keto bagels so much it was one of the reasons I decided to go to a completely Keto Diet!! 2.5 months later and I am still following keto with no delicious keto bagels. I am searching to find where they were made I want more so badly.

  20. I found these for the first time last year and I went back to Aldi’s yesterday and nearly started crying when I saw that they are back!! I got a couple of them plus I will be buying more to freeze. I absolutely love these! LOVE!!! These are amazing!!!!!

  21. I’ve been waiting anxiously for these to return. Went today and, of course, they weren’t there even though the ad said they were and nobody in the store could help. I was told Wednesday they would be in today, Friday, so went back but NO they weren’t. That’s the bad thing about Aldi, you can’t call anyone to ask about stock, so you keep going and hoping. It’s a bit ridiculous when I asked someone today if they came in or not and she replied she didn’t know but they get a truck in every day and to try back. All I wanted to know was if they came in and were gone already, if they were ever going to come in, or what. She had no idea.

  22. These are great!
    Please make them a regular item. I’ve only found them twice in the past year. First time only bought one to try and when I went to get more they were sold out. Spotted them last week and bought six packages (I would have bought them all but felt guilty to do so). I would love to see them as a regular shelf item.

  23. Yes I agree, I wish I had bought all the keto bagels they had in stock & kept them in my freezer (didn’t realize they were a “special find”) Aldi needs to stock them year round in all their stores just like their kept bread!!!!

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