Aldi January Candles To Make The Start of 2021 Great

You’re not going to want to miss these Aldi January Candles. Not only do they smell AMAZING but they’re a steal at only $4.99 each.

When we say you better sprint to their stores to grab them, we’re not joking.

People go CRAZY for candles, and these soy blend candles have really upped the bar.

They’re delicious smelling AND they look great, too. The outside tins are decorated in a way that goes well with many different types of decor and comes in three different looks. (and smells)

Huntington Home Large Soy Tin Candles

These Aldi January Candles come in the scents of:

  • Blood Orange and Goji
  • Orchid and Jasmine
  • Lemon Macaron

Aldi Candles are always top-notch so there’s no doubt in our mind that these are worth every penny. We’re pretty certain that we’ll be trying to find fun ways to reuse these tins long after we’ve burnt away all the soy blend inside.

We’re thinking that having one of each scent for your home is great and then scooping up a few more to have on hand for gifts as well. (Don’t worry, we’ll leave a few on the shelves for all of you!)

Who here is ready to start the year off with some seriously good vibes and smells? Grab your candles and get those babies lit!

Aldi January Candles

The Aldi January Candles are due in Aldi stores for the ad week of Jan.6th, 2021 (Jan. 4th in stores with a Sunday ad switchover).


  1. What brand is this? They had a candle that I freaking loved and I want to buy 50 of them but I can’t find them online

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