10 Absolute Worst Products of Aldi Ranked by Avid Shoppers

Aldi is widely considered a supermarket where you can purchase good quality items for a reasonable price. However, there’s no doubt that some of the products they sell are a bit sub-par.

One shopper who finds the store’s bread and deli meat poor started an online discussion asking people to say which Aldi products they found to be the worst. These were some of the more prevalent answers provided.

1. Lobster Mac and Cheese

Numerous people say Aldi’s lobster macaroni and cheese isn’t good, with one describing it as “horrid.” They’re not wrong if the widespread agreement in the replies is anything to go by.

One respondent says it tastes and smells terrible and that they can’t believe it’s still on sale, prompting another to wonder who’s buying it to prevent it from being discontinued. Someone else says it’s far too fishy, and the brine taste is too strong.

2. Cauliflower Crackers

According to one appalled Aldi shopper, the store’s cauliflower crackers are “vile,” which is a terrible review if ever we saw one.

In response, another dissatisfied customer says Aldi’s cauliflower gnocchi made them gag, meaning they had to throw away the whole dish they made with it. Perhaps the cauliflower products, in general, aren’t great.

3. Flour Tortillas

Someone has expressed disappointment in the store’s flour tortillas, which they say are very stiff and artificial tasting.

Another Aldi customer has replied with another gripe about the product. They say the flour tortillas always seem to break, even after they’ve been warmed up.

4. Alfredo Sauce

Another shopper describes how they’ve seen others saying Aldi’s Alfredo sauce is terrible, but they ignored what they’d heard and bought some anyway.

They now wished they’d listened because they struggled to finish their meal with the sauce and will undoubtedly never purchase it again.

5. Mayonnaise

A disappointed customer says they don’t like Aldi’s mayonnaise, prompting several others to agree. One respondent says the mayonnaise has an unpleasant aftertaste. Another admits they still buy it only to use it as an ingredient in a sauce or dressing, not a standalone condiment.

6. Ziploc Bags

The same person who doesn’t like Aldi’s mayonnaise also says they’re not a fan of the store’s zip-seal bags. Numerous people agree with them.

One explains their husband has told them never to repurchase Aldi’s zip-seal bags, and another says the zip-seal bags used to be great but are terrible now.

7. Instant Potatoes

One disgruntled Aldi shopper suggests the store’s instant potatoes are awful and taste exactly like the box they come in.

It has prompted another user to second that notion, saying they bought instant potatoes once and will never do so again. They even say they don’t understand how Aldi could screw up such a simple product so badly.

8. Tea and Coffee

Aldi sells some branded tea and coffee, but their unbranded versions have taken a grilling in this discussion. Generally, people agree that Aldi’s standard tea bags are poor quality, but the peppermint tea is lovely. Everyone agrees that Aldi’s coffee is terrible, with one user saying how their mom describes it as “gross.”

9. Cosmic Brownies

If you’re unfamiliar with cosmic brownies, they’re sweet snacks that are ultra chewy with a rich, fudgy frosting peppered with sugary rainbow crunch sprinkles.

Well, one shopper confesses they bought some for their ten-year-old child, whose underwhelmed response was, “they tried. They really tried.”

10. Sardines in Hot Sauce

Someone described how the sardines in the hot sauce are the worst things they’ve ever tried from Aldi. Everyone who’s replying to the comment agrees.

One respondent explains their husband usually loves sardines but couldn’t eat these. Another says they were so foul they threw them outside instead of in the trash. The final reply comes from someone who says they’ve actively avoided Aldi’s sardines and now believe they’ve dodged a bullet after reading this comment.

This thread inspired this post.

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